Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boxes - Weird and wonderful uses throughout history.


Weird and wonderful uses throughout history. 

By Suzi Love

I've always been fascinated with boxes and containers and the often strange uses found for them. 
Hope you enjoy a few photos from what I call my ...'weird and wonderful' collection.

Teeny weeny boxes had numerous uses for a lady's toiletry, her fashion accessories, her occupations, and her travel. 

Boxes had lots of crazy medical uses. 

And then there are my favorite weird boxes. 

Would you keep a vampire killing box in your house??

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Hope you've enjoyed a peek at my favorite uses for boxes and containers. 

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Maggi Andersen said...

Fascinating, Suzi, thanks!

Venetia said...

You know, when I read the title, I was thinking 'cardboard boxes'. Don't ask me why. I was intrigued. But WOW, you've completely exceeded my expectations in the box department, Suzi! Please, please, please can I have a poisoning set concealed in a bible? (I can feel a dark and probably fatal story coming on already ...)