Sunday, April 7, 2013

HH Good News!

Again our fantastically talented HH members
have some wonderful news to share.

So without further ado we congratulate...


Christina Phillips celebrated the release of her
third book in the Roman / Druid romance series
available 20 March from Ellora's Cave
in their Xanadu line.

In 51 A.D., Druid priestess Nimue is injured and enslaved by the hated Roman Legions. Even though she is drawn to her captor, she’s determined to escape and complete her mission for the Briton king and her duty to Arianrhod, the goddess she is bound to.
The tough Roman warrior who captures her is far from the brutal barbarian she expects. His touch inflames her desires and passion burns between them. Though Nimue does not accept her enslavement, her heart surrenders to her enemy. When Arianrhod appears to her in the form of an owl, Nimue knows the union is blessed.
Roman warrior Tacitus is enchanted by the fiery beauty who shows no fear and challenges him at every turn. Though enslaving her goes against his heart, he’s determined to make her his. No woman has ever heated his blood as she does. But when he discovers her true nature as one who actually communes with the gods, his loyalties are torn between his heritage and a woman who could destroy everything he’s ever believed in.
A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Maggi Andersen celebrated the Amazon US release
of her new The Spies of Mayfair series
A Baron in Her Bed
available now!

London, 1816. A handsome baron. A faux betrothal. And Horatia's plan to join the London literary set takes a dangerous turn. Now that the war with France has ended, Baron Guy Fortescue arrives in England to claim his inheritance, abandoned over thirty years ago when his father fled to France after killing a man in a duel. When Guy is set upon by footpads in London, a stranger, Lord Strathairn, rescues and befriends him. But while travelling to his country estate, Guy is again attacked. He escapes only to knock himself out on a tree branch. Aspiring poet Horatia Cavendish has taken to riding her father's stallion, "The General", around the countryside of Digswell dressed as a groom. She has become bored of her country life and longs to escape to London to pursue her desire to become part of the London literary set.
When she discovers Guy lying unconscious on the road, the two are forced to take shelter for the night in a hunting lodge. After Guy discovers her ruse, a friendship develops between them. Guy suspects his relative, Eustace Fennimore is behind the attacks on his life. He has been ensconced in Rosecroft Hall during the family's exile and will become the heir should Guy die. Horatia refuses to believe her godfather, Eustace, is responsible. But when Guy proposes a faux betrothal to give him more time to discover the truth, she agrees. Secure in the knowledge that his daughter will finally wed, Horatia's father allows her to visit her blue-stocking aunt in London. But Horatia's time spent in London proves to be anything but a literary feast, for a dangerous foe plots Guy's demise. She is determined to keep alive her handsome fiance, who has proven more than willing to play the part of her lover even as he resists her attempts to save him.

Bronwyn Stuart is gearing up for her latest release
Behind the Courtesan
available April 22 from Carina Press
Here's the blurb to wet your appetite:

When courtesan Sophia Martin returns to the village she fled as a young woman, she knows it won't be a happy reunion--but she can't refuse her brother's request to attend his expectant wife. Trapped until the baby arrives, she must navigate the social rift she caused when she left to pursue a disreputable life--and keep the true reason for her departure from the man she once loved, the bastard son of the Duke who ruined her.
Blake Vale has never forgotten Sophia, but he can't accept the decisions she made, the courtesan's life she leads, or the fact she's cast aside her true self. Plain old Sophia has to be inside this hardened woman somewhere, and he's determined to make her see she doesn't need rich men to be happy, and that their future has nothing to do with the past.
When the dukedom suddenly falls within his reach, Blake must come to terms with his own past and his birthright, and what that means for his future...and Sophia.

Alison Stuart is celebrating her latest release
Secrets in Time
An historical, time travel romance
available now from Lyrical Press

Can love endure across time?

When a seventeenth-century cavalier hurls himself over her garden wall, Doctor Jessica Shepherd is more angry than surprised. Although she’s no stranger to military re-enactors, there’s something different about Nathaniel Preston. If he’s to be believed, something…or someone…has sent him forward in time from the midst of a civil war to the quiet English countryside of the twentieth century.

With time working against them, Nathaniel has to convince Jessica why fate brought them together before he’s forced to return to his own era…and certain death in battle.

Can the strength of love overcome all obstacles, even time itself?

A Lyrical Press Historical Fantasy Romance


Nicole Hurley-Moore has signed a contract
with Jupiter Garden Press for her
Medieval Paranormal Romance
Congratulations Nicole!!!
Here's the blurb to wet your appetite:

On the mountain, high above the village of Farran – Nuri is caught between heaven and hell. Two men fight for her love and her soul. The first is Maras, an elemental being that follows the storms. Blessed with silver hair, ice grey eyes and skin that heals with water, Nuri knows that he is not human, he’s something more. She believes Maras is her beautiful fallen angel.
The other is Erebus, a pious monk sent by the Church, whose tortured soul is twisted by his desire for Nuri. Nuri must choose whether to follow her heart or be tied to the edict of the Church and village. Maras is transient and is bound to the elements and their love may be as fleeting as the storm itself. But Nuri may sacrifice more than her heart when the Church brands her angel a demon. As Brother Erebus will do anything to protect her soul from the silver haired devil, even if he has to crush her body to do it. 

Annie Seaton has signed a new contract with
for four new contemporary romance novels.
Release dates are yet to be advised.
Congratulations Annie!!!

Sasha Cottman has signed her
for her Regency romance
Letter from a Rake
available mid 2013.
Congratulations Sasha!!!


had their bi-annual convention in Brisbane in March
where some HH members were nominated
in their writing categories.
While no one came out a winner this year
we'd still like to congratulate our members who were
honored with a nomination.
Alison Stuart
Danielle Lisle
Christina Ashcroft
Annie Seaton
Congratulations ladies.
You're all winners either way! 

Congratulations everyone!
And until next month happy reading.


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