Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'LL GET BY release.

I’m late in posting my latest release – which is the third book in my world wars romances trilogy written around the Elliot family . . . but although it’s been released in the UK it’s official American release is not until June so I feel a bit justified about sliding in now without the door shutting on my foot. The first two novels (Tall Poppies and Secret and Lies) covered the lives and loves of sisters Livia and Esmé Carr. This final novel, titled, I’LL GET BY concerns Livia’s daughter, Meggie Elliot, and her love for a mysterious young aristocrat who leans towards larceny. Here are the reviews so far – one an Australian, the other American.  Also available in ebook.

I’ll Get By, Janet Woods

West Australian Newspaper 29th Feb 2013.

Set in London against the unfolding background of World War II, this is a story of a young woman’s journey to find love, happiness and the promise of a future amidst the destruction, uncertainty and horror of war.  The characters are familiar and endearing, without being too predictable and their efforts to retain some semblance of normality and social standing amidst the chaos and upheaval provides a warm-hearted glimpse of British stoicism in action.  There is a well-balanced mix of suspense, intrigue, and passion to suit avid romance readers, all capped off with a happy ending.

I'll Get By, Woods, Janet (Author), Jun 2013. BOOKLIST.

You can never really choose who you fall in love with, and no one knows that better than young Meggie Elliott. It all started the moment she arrived in London at the start of WWII. As love becomes entwined with a mammoth secret, Woods presents readers with a powerful historical love story that expresses her passion for storytelling and love of romance.

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