Monday, September 9, 2013

Aussie Road Trip Day #4

Welcome back to Maryde's Aussie Road Trip.

We're now up to Day 4. It's around mid-day when we pulled into Copeton Water's State Park,  situated on the western slopes of the New England Ranges. Beautiful Australian countryside.
The National Park is a  900hectare recreational and adventure Playground and was a lot more accommodating to all levels of traveler than our previous free-park sites. It had a huge Information Center with cafe, function room, supplies for campers, tourists, school and family groups, sightseers and fishermen alike. And to me it all seemed like it was out in the middle of NOWHERE. Like an Oasis in the middle of a National Park.
We drove all the way around
 to the far point at the top
 of this picture.
Copeton Dam holds 3 times the volume of water of Sydney Harbour. That must be lot of water because there's 500,000 megalitres in Sydney's Harbour.

The Dam is a haven for tourists and fishing and Water Sports enthusiasts.
There's Cod, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch, Catfish, Redfin and Trout in the Gwydir River below the Dam wall.
Not that we saw any of these on our dinner plates. :) 

 I was really surprised at how early the local kangaroos made their appearance. As the afternoon drew closer the local wildlife came out for their dinner. By the time the sunlight had waned, the entire park abounded with kangaroos.
I was coming back from the showers at around 7pm, it was dark and I had my LCD tilly-lamp, and there outside the amenities block was a bunch of Roos, large and small, just feeding & hovering around on the grassed area.

Wished I had taken my camera or my phone. They seemed quite unafraid, although I did not try to pat them as you never know if they are friendly or not. Mind you there were no signs that said *Dont Feed the Wildlife*, but it is usually a given in Australia when you are in the National Parks.

  The chill of night set in and it was time to light the camp fire.

 Copeton Dam is a perfect place to spend more than one day. There's bush walking tracks a plenty. You can be as close as you like to the recreational facilities- pool, tennis courts, cafe, cabins etc, or you can be as isolated and private where there's only you, the trees and the wildlife.

It gets a 9/10 as a top destination from me.

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Katelyn Williams said...

That is a fairly good rating. I’ve been there once, and I must say that I would give the same rating as yours. It is a splendid place to unwind and pass the time, and I think I would like a repeat of that adventure when the Spring comes. - Katelyn