Monday, October 14, 2013

Aussie Day Trip Day #5

 Hi! Welcome back to Maryde's Aussie road trip.
It's day 5 and we leave peaceful Copeton Dam late morning and continue our trip further inland to Bingara - Aboriginal word for *creek*.
Bingara is a lovely Australian country town on the Gwydir River.
Funny, when I'm travelling the great open roads, I don't think too much of where-about we are, because I'm more interested in the scenery all around. It's not until we stop that I sit and check out the area on a Map. That's when I found out Bingara is 600Kms north of Sydney & 500Kms SW of Brisbane. It surprised me that we were so close to the Queensland boarder. Whilst driving, I had the impression we were much farther south. :)
As we drove into the quaint town we
saw it had the same wide main road of most country towns. I really love that. It was Sunday morning, so other than a cafe or 2 nothing was opened. We drove to where the map said there was a free camping area for Self-contained RV's & campers only, that meant there were no showers toilets etc. You had to have your own *everything*
We found 2 areas by the river, and both were accommodated by a goodly sum of residents. No shortage of visitors to this area obviously. We obviously came at a good time because we found our spot right on the water's edge. Beautiful.
The water was cold and I was *told* that's why there was no fish in it. hmmmm.

Looking East, downstream
 of the Gwydir River
 It was in 1852 and the hope of finding Gold that brought prospectors to the area. There are few towns in Australia where Diamonds are found, and Bingara was one of them. After the 1880's the town grew because Copper and Diamonds were discovered. At this time, Bingara was the largest producer of Diamonds in Australia.
Upstream West, of the Gwydir River.
 Fancy that!
Visitors still come to Bingara to *fossik* for gold at the edge of the river. There is a lovely modern Camping/caravan Tourist Park. A Sports Club or 2 and even a Hospital. For a holiday destination with everything you'd need for a great escape away from the hustle and bustle of City life
GOSH, I'm starting to sound like a tourist agent ... hahahhaha
 Next time we pass this way I might even try my hand at fossiking ... who knows - I may discover my fortune :)
Afternoon GOLD :)

So here we have the *Obligatory* evening fire by the river. Once the temperature got below 10deg C, we let the fire die down and went inside for the night.

And in the morning, I was up by sunrise to catch the first rays of the day.The temperature was around 5deg, so not too bad. But I did notice there were no other occupants around up with me at sparrows - an Aussie term for being up very early with the birds.

 The weather has been  glorious the whole time we've been travelling which has made this winter's trip enjoyable to the max.

Click here for more info on the township of Bingara

Come join me soon on Day #6. The final day of my 1st Aussie Road Trip.

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Joanna Lloyd said...

The photos are just wonderful and I longed to be out camping again. Looks and sounds like such a great trip Maryde. Thanks for sharing it.