Friday, November 15, 2013

HH REVIEW - Teach Me by Cassandra Dean

Title: Teach Me
Author: Cassandra Dean
Publisher: Decadent Publishing (19 Feb 2012)
Language: English

I really enjoyed Teach Me, it was a fresh departure from some of the stiff ‘a lady would never do that’ type writing. If I want to read that sort of work, I go to Jane Austen. Cassandra Dean has crafted a great story. A word of warning, the sex scenes start early on in this story so hold on to your seats. That said, they were well written and believable. Having read a lot of badly written erotica, Teach Me is an example of how you can still write hot sex scenes while allowing a relationship between the hero and heroine to develop.

I liked that Elizabeth was not prepared to live her life as society dictated. She had played the timid, unsatisfied wife role. Now as a widow she wanted more. In James, Earl of Malvern she finds the perfect man to teach her everything about pleasure. The fact that she did all this behind her rather stuffy family’s back had me smiling at times.

James has an interesting background, the males of his family seeming to have a long history of wicked debauchery. The slow changes which take place in him as he succumbs to love for the first time were strongly written. I liked him from the start and to watch him become a better man was thoroughly enjoyable.

The only moment of disappointment in this story was when James came to his senses and declared his love for Elizabeth. The fact that it took him four months to suddenly realise he loved her was just too long for me.

Teach Me is a great read and I look forward to reading more of Cassandra Dean’s work.

Lady Cowper


Anonymous said...

Great Review! I will have to check this book out.

Romance Reader Girl said...

Great Review! I will have to add this to my TBR list. :)