Sunday, December 1, 2013

HH REVIEW - Her Eternal Rogue by Gina Danna

Title: Her Eternal Rogue
Author: Gina Danna
Publisher: Gina Danna (28 June 2013)
Language: English

Her Eternal Rogue is probably not the usual sort of historical romance that I read. It has a vampire pirate as the hero.

Lavinia Sinclair, daughter of a Viscount has been kidnapped in the West Indies and Alexander Barrington; Captain Sword is enlisted to rescue her. The setting and flavour of the story is very much Pirates of the Caribbean, which I really enjoyed. The growing love (and lust) between Lavinia and Alex is really well written and believable. Alex’s struggle with loving Lavinia, but knowing that they could never have a future had me turning the pages. My only complaint to this point of the story was the Scottish crew mate who had such a thick accent that I struggled to read his sections of dialogue. I would have preferred being told he was Scottish and leaving it at that.

I really did feel that I was on board Alex’s ship and Gina Danna set a strong scene with the heat and colour of the Caribbean. Midway through the book, the story moves to London. Unfortunately this is where I came close to putting the book down. The historical inaccuracies had me shaking my head. Women could not and to this day, cannot inherit English titles, nor can illegitimate sons. The sudden appearance of a third illegitimate son (who was also inheriting land and titles) was just too contrived for me. The second half of the story was not as strongly written as the first, and too many easily explained away coincidences, such as a quickie marriage annulment, let me as a reader down.

Her Eternal Rogue is a fun read, just be prepared to accept that the rules don’t apply when the hero is a sexy vampire pirate.

Countess of Jersey

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