Monday, December 2, 2013

The Inspiration behind HER SAVAGE SCOT + Giveaway!

The Romans invaded Briton in AD 43 but, in spite of many attempts, they never managed to subdue the tribes who lived in the north, the land the Romans called Caledonia. Eventually they gave up, and the peoples of the north continued with their own power struggles, largely undisturbed by Roman interference.

The first mention in a Roman document of the dominant tribes in the north was in the third century. The Romans called them Picti, which may have been a variant of the name they called themselves or possibly a Latin reference to how they tattooed themselves (picti is Latin for painted people).

By the turn of the tenth century, the Picts as a separate people had all but disappeared from the annals of history. In their place rose the Scots from Dal Riada.

What really happened that caused the fall of the Pictish kings during the ninth century is open to speculation, but one fact remains. In AD 843 or thereabouts Kenneth MacAlpin, king of the Scots from Dal Riada, became king of the Picts’ supreme kingdom, Fortriu, and eventually king of all Pictland.

This is the background that inspired Her Savage Scot, book 1 of The Highland Warrior Chronicles. As always, there are myths and legends that surround this mysterious time and I hope you enjoy reading about Connor and Aila's rocky path to their Happily Ever After as much as I enjoyed writing it :-)

When tough Scot warrior Connor MacKenzie rides into the barbaric lands of the Picts on a mission for his king, he never expects to be captivated by a beautiful Pictish widow. Drawn under her spell, yet unaware of her true identity, he risks everything for one passionate night in her arms.

Aila, princess of Pictland, swore long ago she would do anything within her power to help defeat the Vikings who invaded her land and murdered her husband. But after meeting Connor, her frozen heart thaws and once again she imagines a future filled with love and passion.

When Connor delivers the message from his king, Aila becomes a pawn in a deadly game of politics. Her heart belongs to Connor, but she must marry the prince of Dal Riada – Connor’s half-brother. But the fates have other plans for the star-crossed lovers as they fight their enemies and themselves to find true love.

A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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In conjunction with my good friend Allison Butler, who writes Scottish medieval romance for Penguin Australia, I’m sponsoring a tour wide Rafflecopter giveaway contest – details below!

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Joanna Lloyd said...

So interesting to hear the history behind your story. How can you not conjure up in your mind a wild, rugged Scot (Pict) with such an unrelenting backdrop. Your book sounds wonderful, Christine!

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Joanna! This time period fascinates me. So much scope for juicy conflict :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Christina,
I'm loving the sound of this story.
Definitely one I'll be adding to the Reading pile for the holidays :)

Jayn Wilde said...

Wonderful post. This is my kind of history! Really enjoy your books and now this is on my TBR list. <3 ~J~

Allison Butler said...

Hi Christina,
Congratulations on your new release! Love the history behind Her Savage Scot. What a fascinating time period to set Connor and Aila's story. I have it ready and waiting. Can't wait to devour it:)
Best wishes xx

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Maryde! Hope you enjoy it :-)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Jayn! Glad you enjoyed the post. It's certainly an interesting period of history!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Allison, thank you :-)