Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HH Review - Claiming the Rebel's Heart by Alison Stuart

Title: Claiming the Rebel's Heart
Author: Alison Stuart
Publisher: Oportet Publishing
Language: English

Claiming the Rebel’s Heart is a fast paced, gripping romance set during the English Civil War. On the side of the Parliamentarians is the family of Sir John Felton, including his spirited daughter Deliverance. Having successfully defended Kinton Lacey from one raid made by the King’s forces, she is frustrated to discover her absent father has sent a man to take over the defence of her family’s castle.
Captain Luke Collyer is a tried and tested soldier with little time to deal with a mere female and her hurt feelings. A second and more powerful force is about to lay siege to the castle.
As the castle and its inhabitants deal with the dire situation of living with cannon fire slowly but surely destroying their home, Deliverance and Luke are forced to work together to hold out until reinforcements can arrive.
A slow, burning passion develops between them. They fight to keep their feelings for one another secret, determined to save as many lives as they possibly can.
With a traitor in their midst, and the stakes constantly getting higher, Claiming the Rebel’s Heart had me on the edge of my seat. Would they finally give into their desire for each other before the castle walls crumbled around them?
The thread of divided loyalties within families was well written, and like many American Civil War novels, you feel the constant pain that families torn apart must have known. Luke fears that one day he will have to face his brother across the battlefield.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was well written. I loved the characters; and at times I felt I was living within the castle walls of Kinton Lacey waiting for the next time the cannons of the enemy spoke.

Countess of Jersey

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