Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HH Review - The Lion's Embrace by Marie Laval

Title: The Lion's Embrace
Author: Marie Laval
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Language: English

The Lion’s Embrace weaves a wonderful tale as the hero and heroine travel across the perilous desert of Algeria in this Victorian era historical romance.
Harriet Montague travels to save her father from a group of tribal freedom fighters who have kidnapped him. Lucas Saintclair is the man entrusted to make sure she delivers the ransom safely.
This historical romance is a fabulous read, often bringing to mind my own travels in this part of the world. The colour, sound and sense of the Algerian desert are perfectly portrayed.
Lucas Saintclair is a strongly written hero, a man with a dark and interesting past. (I must say I loved his sister, she was just the right level of spirited beauty). Lucas’ true nature and hidden motivation is slowly revealed. Just when you think you understand him, another aspect of this complex man comes to light.
The heroine, Harriet, reminds me of a more capable version of the heroine from the Mummy movies. She is never a fragile Miss; rather Harriet is a capable and self-reliant woman. I really enjoyed her.
This is a well- researched, entertaining historical romance. The characters are strongly written. The perils Harriet and Lucas face as they race to save her father had me turning the pages until late into the night. Add in some excellent villains and the treasures from an ancient queen’s tomb and you have a great story.
If you are looking for a well- crafted story of love in the desert (oh to be in that cave with a man such as Lucas Saintclair), then the Lion’s Embrace is for you.

Countess Esterhazy

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