Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HH Review - Blinded by Grace - Becky Lower

Title: Blinded by Grace
Author: Becky Lower
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Language: English

Halwyn Fitzpatrick is being pressured by his loving parents to find himself a bride. Now having discovered that the world is a very different place when viewed through a pair of glasses he’s taking a serious interest in the New York debutantes of 1858’s season. Truth be told he thinks having someone else choose a bride for him would be a less time consuming task. All that love business is for others, he is a serious banker and marriage is a serious business.

Grace Wagner is an old family friend. Grace is in dire straits. If she doesn’t marry before she comes of age, her obnoxious step father Simon Huffman will inherit all her wealth. He is a wicked man, one who spends his time gambling away the family money and being cruel to both Grace and her mother.

Forced into a desperate measures, Grace approaches Halwyn with a deal. Marry her, protect her inheritance and in a year they will part and no one will be any the wiser. Halwyn needs a wife, someone to help him furnish his new brownstone. He readily agrees.

It’s not long before Halwyn realises that Simon is an evil man and will stop at nothing to get his hands on Grace’s money. He pushes forward with their wedding plans. Unbeknownst to him Grace has been in love with him since she was thirteen. She even keeps the Harvard handkerchief he gave her many years ago.

Simon will not go quietly when it comes to losing the fortune he needs. A horse is nobbled, and Halwyn is seriously injured. I enjoyed this part of the story very much indeed. Halwyn’s mother is a kind hearted woman who sees what both her son and Grace are not prepared to admit to each other. She ensures that Grace has to help nurse Halwyn back to health.

As a result of the fall from the horse Halwyn has temporarily lost his memory. He forgets the ‘arrangement’ with Grace and thinks theirs is a love match. The growth of tender feelings between the two of them is beautifully written. Halwyn begins to lust after his fiancé while Grace grapples with her attraction to him knowing it is only a false memory on his part.

She confesses the situation, only to discover that Halwyn is in love with her. There are really lovely written parts in this part of the story. I enjoyed the Fitzpatrick family and their need to assist in the journey of love for Halwyn and Grace. I’m a big fan of the family historical romance, especially with loving and fun parents and siblings.

Simon’s drastic measures toward the end put both heroine and hero in peril, but I am pleased to say love wins out.

I enjoyed this book. It has a simple elegance about it and I look forward to reading the rest of Becky Lower’s Cotillion Series.

Countess Esterhazy

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