Thursday, July 10, 2014

HH Review - Song for Sophia by Moriah Densley

Title: Song for Sophia
Author: Moriah Densley
Publisher: esKape Press
Language: English

Ms Densley’s novel is reminiscent of Anna Campbell’s writing and represents the very best in the genre of historical romance. Her characters are fully drawn with faults and misgivings that draw the reader in. This is easily the most outstanding genre novel I have read in a long time.

Anne-Sophronia has fled from the appalling cruelty of her father, and thanks to the influence of a friend, has managed to obtain a job as housemaid to Lord Devon. Naturally her blue-stocking tendencies break through now and again. Lord Devon is an autistic savant, and the only quarrel I have with the portrait of Wil is his war work. I’m not sure that a man with his social ineptitude would be sent on missions.

All-in-all an excellent book and writing style. I enjoy how Ms Densley assumes the reader has a certain amount of cognisance and does not dot every “i” or cross every “t.” This thoroughly deserves the five stars I have given it.

Countess Esterhazy

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martisima said...

I am so happy that Moriah Densley's exceptional novel has been recognized as such. She deserves all the praise she can get, as Song for Sophia is a true gem.

This review is right on target. Thanks!!!