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Chatelaines by Suzi Love

Chatelaines by Suzi Love


  • The word Chatelaine is French and means the keeper of the keys
  • Chatelaine" derives from the Latin word for castle
  • In Medieval times, the chatelaine was in charge of the day-to-day running of the castle.

What did a chatelaine do?

  • Most important task was keeper of the keys.
  • Also ordered supplies, did bookkeeping, supervised servants, taught castle children, and organized guests.

What were chatelaines used for?

  • Castle keepers needed keys safe, yet easily accessible.
  • By 1700's, a metal jeweled ornament hung from pockets, attached to belts, or by hooks into skirt waistbands
  • During 1800's, women wore large collections of tools hung from chains
  • Young girls sewed and did needlework and needed to carry sewing notions eg scissors, thimbles

  • Worn by women of all classes, from workers to nobility
  • Varied depending on class and finances.

  • Made of silver, brass, steel, leather, or fabric

  • During 19th century, fashionable dresses often had no waist and nowhere to hang chatelaines
  • Chatelaines became decorative brooches
  • Often given as a wedding present from a husband to bride
  • Later became fashion accessories

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