Alison Stuart

Alison was born in Kenya and emigrated to Melbourne at the age of ten. She studied law at Melbourne University and has worked in a wide range of areas as a lawyer, including the military and as a senior executive in a major emergency service. In 2000 she moved to Singapore with her husband and sons and for three years was able to pursue serious, full time writing. While in Singapore she was published in two anthologies of short stories, one of which appeared briefly in a best seller list and both of which are still available on Amazon!

Apart from this minor success with short stories, she has been published in a number of anthologies of short stories and magazines. Prior to publication Alison was a finalist in competitions, including the shortlist of the Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize, the Emma Darcy Award and the Emerald Award. In 2007 her first two novels BY THE SWORD and THE KING’S MAN were published. BY THE SWORD won the 2008 Eppie Award for Best Historical Romance.

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Anne Whitfield / Anne Brear

Anne is an Australian author, married with three children. Born to Yorkshire parents who emmigrated to Australia, she has also spent 3 years living in England. Her passions, apart from writing, are reading, researching, genealogy, collecting Victorian diaries, roaming historical sites, buying books and gardening.
She is an author of historical women's fiction, contemporary romance and several short stories.

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Annie Seaton

Annie lives on the beautiful east coast of Australia, where she loves sitting in her writing chair, gazing at the ocean and writing stories. She has always been fascinated by all things historical and loves writing in the steampunk genre, where strong heroines and brooding heroes fight together to make their alternative worlds a better place. Her published forays into steampunk are Winter of the Passion Flower and Summer of the Moon Flower. She is excited about her current historical project involving her love of South Pacific history and pirates! She has been also been successful in writing contemporary romance with her Affairs series with Entangled Publishing.

Annie lives with her husband, and “Bob” the dog and two white cats, in a house next to the beach in a small coastal town of New South Wales. Their two children are grown and married, and she loves spending time gardening, walking on the beach and spoiling her two grandchildren

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Bronwyn Stuart

Bronwyn's love of reading all things romantic got her into trouble at a very young age. Starting with Mills and Boon 'borrowed' from her mother and then progressing to meaty historicals and sweeping sagas, it's only fair that romance pays her back with unique ideas for her own novels. She now writes dark and gritty Regency that borders on the edge of noir with the occasional dabble in contemporary and women's fiction. Her treehouse in the Adelaide Hills is filled with the laughter of her young kids, the meows of two white, fluffy cats and a man who thinks chilvary is what happens after you eat bad chicken.

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Cassandra Samuel's
Cassandra Samuel's mother always said she should have been born in the 1800s. Unfortunately, she was born in the 1970s instead. But she was not discouraged by all the corduroy and dodgy hair dos. She decided if she couldn't live in the Regency period she would write about it instead.

Cassandra cut her romance reading teeth on Jane Austen when she read Pride and Prejudice in high school. It was the beginning of a love affair with the Georgian and Regency eras that continues today. She has wanted to be a romance writer since she was a teen and was encouraged to study a diploma in journalism, but fiction writing was where her heart belonged.

She is the eldest of three children and grew up living on the outskirts of of the Royal National Park which gave her a love and appreciation for the Australian bush. Cassandra lives with her fabulously supportive husband and three wonderful children on the NSW South Coast along with a three-legged staffy cross, a cheeky terrier and a cat called Angus. Cassandra enjoys music, the theater, reading and watching romantic comedies.

Cheryl Leigh

Cheryl knew she wanted to be a writer, not a ballerina, when she won a playwriting competition in fourth grade. Plotting stories was more fun than practising pliés.

Her passion for historical novels and the past makes her family claim she was born two hundred and fifty years too late. She lives in Sydney close to where the First Fleet arrived, which might explain her interest in eighteenth-century British history. As a former interior designer with a love of travel, she enjoys ambling through old English manors, museums and antique shops. A member of Romance Writers of Australia, she has been a judge, contest manager, and Contest Coordinator. She is also a member of Romance Writers of America. Cheryl writes adventure romances set in the Georgian era.


Dana Scully

Dana grew up on an idealic wooded farm where orange fairy rings clung to the bark of craggy trees.  She could often be found nestled into the emerald moss just under the ‘old oak’ creating magical worlds full of fairies and dragons.  By her side through every tale was her imaginary knight in shining armour. Over the years, Dana forgot about her fairy tales.  Believing she was destined to be a nun, she even forgot about her handsome knight.

It wasn’t until one fateful day, when she looked into a pair of dazzling blue eyes that she remembered her childhood dreams...of writing stories and falling in love. Dana and her knight have been living their happily ever after on the outskirts of another beautiful woodland, where Dana can often be found under a large eucalypt telling magical tales of fairies and dragons to their eight year old knight’s apprentice. Tales that she turns into romances by night!

Danielle Lisle

Danielle loves romance! Loves it with a passion in fact! Yet, her writing tends to focus on the romance of old, in a somewhat naughty way. *Cheeky Grin* Writing erotic historicals is her pleasure of choice and reading them comes in at a close second. She loves the history and feeling a part of the time and story as a author carries her off on the merry journey. What isn’t there to love about a Lord or Duke facing society for the lower-class woman he loves, or the highlander who will go against his friends and family because of a bonnie English lass who has stolen his heart? Can you think of anything better?

Danielle lives in the Northern Territory, Australia with her husband and two year old son. She considers herself a pro vacumist and floor washeroo when she’s not nose deep in editing or writing.

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Elizabeth Ellen Carter
Elizabeth Ellen Carter was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth – but it may have been a pen. Ever since then she has been writing… and writing… and writing.

From writing news and feature stories for newspapers to advertising copy (it’s less glamorous than Mad Men) and web site content, she has most recently turned her hand to writing novels in her favourite genre – romance.
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Elle Fynllay

Elle Fynllay is an Australian Romance writer, who lives in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales.
A mother to a tribe of warriors and one damsel who will never be in distress, she has been married to her knight in shining armour for many years.

Elle is just beginning her writing journey, which is taking her deep into the mists of time to the Medieval period in England.  She loves her alpha males and her feisty heroines and enjoys writing their sensual love stories.

Elle is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia.

Erin Grace

Erin's love of collecting and reproducing antique lace led to a deep connection with the past. She felt every snippet of the precious fabric held a unique story – one Erin longed to tell.
But, as no two pieces of lace are the same, neither are Erin’s stories. Escaping from her ‘real world’ of sales and marketing, she immerses herself in unfolding tales of dire circumstance, brave heroines, unscrupulous villains and, of course, passionate hot-blooded men.

When not writing, Erin indulges in her love of home-style food by teaching her children to cook. Erin lives with her husband and three sons in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia.

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Janet Woods

A British born Australian author, Janet writes of historical romance and saga. She has (or has had) about 35 novels published or pending. As well as hard covers for libraries, they are published under various guises, such as audio, paperback, large print and now electronic. A handful of her early novels were published by New Concepts when E publishing was in its infancy. Her first few print books were published by Robert Hale, UK followed by Simon & Schuster UK and Severn House.
Her first historical romance “Daughter of Darkness” came third from over 600 novel manuscripts entered in the Random House/ Woman’s Day competition in 1996. After publication, the same novel won the mainstream section of the 2002 Australian Romantic Book of the year award. Her genres encompass mainstream fiction, historical saga and historical romance, but she also likes writing fantasy. Her earlier out-of-print works are gradually being made available in E form by Belgrave House.
Janet also writes short stories when she has time, with many published in popular women's magazines at home and abroad. A selection of those published stories have been made available in electronic collective form and is published by Belgrave House, titles “Romantic Interludes.” She also has stories for children published in educational series by Oxford University Press, the Spinout Sapphire series with Pearsons (Aus) Harcourt UK and Puffinalia magazine. Janet’s work has been included in five mixed author anthologies and she co-compiled and co-edited the Society of Women Writers, WA. millennium anthology "Footprints" and written various articles for newsletters. Her short stories and poetry have won, or been highly placed in several competitions, and she has acted as competition judge and mentor over a number of years. She’s a member of the WA critique group Wordwrights.
Janet belongs to writers’ organisations in Australia, UK and USA. She is also an honorary life member of The Society of Women Writers, West Australian branch, whose committee has nominated her for the 1912 Alice Award.

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Joanne Boog

Hi, I'm Joanne.   I have loved history for as long as I can remember.  I have published two non-fiction histories on the legal firm where I work. Romance seemed to be an added extra to the history I already love.    Although still unpublished in historical romance, I am striving to complete a number of works for hopefully future publication.

I have been married for nearly thirty years to Mr Romance himself.    I have two sons, one married with two daughters.  I have the greatest daughter-in-law, and I love being a mother-in-law and Nanna.

Maggi Andersen

Maggi and her husband, a retired lawyer, live in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales with their cat, Africa and the demanding wildlife. The children have left the nest. After gaining a Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree she wrote her first novel.

She loves reading, particularly mysteries, travel, swimming, theatre and movies, thrillers and old black and whites especially. Inspired by the world Georgette Heyer created, she writes Regencies with a light touch, and the work of Victoria Holt stirs her to write darker Victorian stories.
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Sheridan Kent

Sheridan's love of romance started as a teenager when a friend at school lent her a Mills and Boon to read. She was hooked. With over two hundred and fifty historicals lining her bookshelf I guess you could class her as an addict. A few years ago when the idea struck to write her own novel, she couldn’t be stopped and is now piecing together her first manuscript with great excitement.

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Suzi Love

Suzi has been a voracious reader all her life, so when illness forced her to spend time in bed she turned that black cloud inside out and welcomed its silver lining. Being housebound meant time to finally write stories instead of just reading them. Having traveled widely, lived in outback Australia plus two Pacific countries, plot ideas and exotic settings screamed out to be written down in stories. Now though, Suzi’s love of hsitory drives her to write stories about the wild times of the late Regency and early Victorian when inventions and discoveries became every day occurences and even gently-bred heroines could participate.

Suzi is a member of Romance Writers Australia, RW New Zealand, RWAmerica, and is on the board of the Regency chapter for RWAmerica, the Beau Monde.

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Tea Cooper

In 2011 Téa resigned from the world of education and moved to the time warp village of Wollombi in NSW determined to fulfill her life long ambition to write romance. In 2012 her first contemporary Australian romance, Tree Change, was published and she has also written two rural romances The Protea Boys and Passionfruit & Poetry.
Inspired by the fascinating characters inhabiting Wollombi museum she reacquainted herself with the past and her first historical romances, Lily's Leap, Matilda's Freedom and A Winning Streak will be published in mid 2013.
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Venetia Green

Venetia was spirited from misty England to the wild west of Australia as a child and is still unsure which world she belongs in. Perhaps that is why she escaped into the past ...

When she grew up, Venetia spent 10 years studying literature and history before the need to write her own overwhelmed her – at which point she abandoned her PhD and dived headlong into historical fiction. Now she writes dark and sensuous romances set amongst the fjords of Viking Age Scandinavia and back-alleys of medieval London.

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Vonnie Hughes

Our family were all born in New Zealand and now live in Australia. Nobody in my family was a circus acrobat nor were they dull ciphers – just “normal” – whatever that is. I wasn’t necessarily encouraged to read avidly and write hundreds of stories. Did that all on my own. I was lucky enough to win several competitions. In fact I won a pony once but my parents encouraged me to take the substitute prize. After all, there’s not a lot of room in utopian suburbia for a pony. After attending teachers’ training college (where they encouraged my writing) then teaching for a year, I decided that unlike the rest of my family I was not cut out for the teaching sturm und drang. So I worked in legal offices, first as a secretary then later as a legal executive. During this time I managed to accrue a startling number of useless qualifications such as a radio announcer’s certificate, a diploma in journalism/creative writing, the major part of a Diploma in Business, and even part of a Bachelor of Arts degree and an Interior Decorating diploma.
Then…light bulb! At the age of 51 I finally discovered what I REALLY wanted to do (late bloomer) and entered the recruitment industry. My timing has always been out of kilter. If you go to the Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand and wander through the Japanese Garden there, you will see a bronze plaque with a haiku engraved on it describing the peacefulness of that environment. It was written by yours truly. Every now and again someone phones me up and says, “By the way, I was in the Hamilton Gardens the other day and I saw a poem by a Vonnie Hughes. Is that you?” Mmm, I mumble, because in truth that haiku took only a very few minutes to write. Poetry comes much more easily to me than novel writing, but I kid myself that the experience with poetry writing keeps my words economical and apposite. As far as novels go, I’ll stick to writing Regency historicals and contemporary suspense. I love the intricacies of the social rules of the Regency period and the far-ranging consequences of the Napoleonic Code. And with suspense I can give free rein to my interest in forensic matters and the strong convolutions of the human mind. And I’ll probably write until the day I die. Like many writers, some days I hate the whole process, but somehow just cannot let it go.

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