Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Historical Hearts Launch Party - Day 2

YAY!!! The party continues ~ Hello and welcome to day two of the Historical Hearts Blog launch party. My name is Allison Butler and I write about sword-wielding, swaggering men and the determined, oft times defiant women who capture their hearts.
Have you ever been to Scotland? Ever stood in a valley, feeling terribly small, yet hugely blessed, as you slowly turn about and drink in the magnificence of the surrounding heather-kissed mountains?

Come, escape with me to medieval Scotland ~

I look forward to sharing snippets of information I found fascinating – and hope you do too - while researching medieval Scotland for my writing. Until then, I have two gorgeous Scottish thistle designed mini purse pens and bookmarks to give away. I will randomly draw two names from the comments left by those of you who answer the following question correctly.

What is the national flower of Scotland? (Hey, the hint is in the prize)

Good Luck!

Welcome to the fabulous launch party of the Historical Hearts! I'm Christina Phillips and I write steamy historical romances about hot Roman warriors and magical Druid heroines. My published books, FORBIDDEN and CAPTIVE are set during the first century AD during the Roman invasion of Britain and Cymru. Born and brought up in England I've always loved the rich history of my heritage but it never occurred to me to actually write a historical romance until quite recently. But one night this unbelievably sexy Roman Centurion stormed into my head, searching for his Druid princess lover, and refused to leave until I'd unearthed his story. Since I'm a sucker for a hot Alpha warrior (and for the life of me couldn't figure out why a Roman soldier would risk his neck by falling for a Druid in the first place) I was happy to oblige!

However, my interest in hot heroes doesn't stop with the Romans. I'm also deep in revisions on a Scottish Highlander romance (what is it about heroes in skirts?!) and a Regency novella about a very bad-ass vampire. If you like your historical romance hot with elements of fantasy or the paranormal then I hope you'll enjoy hanging out here with me!

And because we're all about the partying this week, I have a copy of CAPTIVE plus some other goodies to give away to one lucky commenter! All you have to do is let me know in the comments which celebrity you'd love to see in hot warrior mode!

Good Luck!

Welcome to Historical Hearts...

I'm Erin Grace and I have a passion for all things historical. From clothing to food to architecture, it's the tiny details of different periods that capture my interest. I mean, who else would get excited about buying a Victorian ceramic tooth powder canister?  In fact, one of my favourite hobbies is Lace Making - particularly Bedfordshire Bobbin Lace.

My first love is the early Victorian period, (...though as I writer,...) I have also dabbled in late 18th C, Celtic folklore fantasy and even Scottish time-travel! 

My heroes have included a Scottish Laird, a Sea Captain, an Irish Ghost, a Highlander...and a Blind Architect. So, as you can see, I don't believe that characters should fit a 'cookie cutter' mold.
Having just had my fifth book published, I look forward to blogging about a wide range of topics from the writing industry, to writing craft and lots of interesting historical tidbits.

My fellow HH members are devoted to their genres, so I'm certain you'll always find something fascinating to read about on our blog.

Now, for the fun part. To win a first chapter critique and a lovely lace bookmark just answer my historical trivia question.
  • In Julie Garwood's book 'Ransom', what was the name of the precious box sought by the King?

Good Luck!

Note: For your chance to win today's prizes, when answering the trivia questions or replying, please leave your name, email address and what draw you'd like to enter. Of course, you are more than welcome to enter all prize draws up for grabs. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your 'snippets'!

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for all things Welsh--LOL! Look forward to reading your stories whatever genre they may be!

Kelly Ethan said...

Congrats again girls. Fantastic launch. And because I'm a book whore I will enter gaain ;) Ask Bron she'll agree lol.

Scottish nat flower is the Scottish Thistle.

The box in Ransom by Julie Garwood is called Arriana's box...I think ;)

Kelly Ethan

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies, having trouble leaving comment, but hopefully... you sure do seem to be a mine full of information, looking forward to reading your blog
Jane Beckenham

Allison Butler said...

Hi Dana,

It's lovely to see you here *wink* Thanks for popping in:)

Cassandra Samuels said...

Morning Ladies

Allison I only got as far as Edinburgh on my trip last year. It was such a beautiful drive there none the less. I have put the highlands on my list for next time.

Christina I also spent a few days in northern Wales which was just gorgeous despite the bad weather - it rained the whole time we were there.

Erin I love characters that break the mold and challenge us as readers.

Have a good day girls.

Allison Butler said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by. And hey, there's nothing wrong with being a 'book whore' LOL. Bron, please confirm:)
Good luck in the prize draws.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of the name of the box, but inside was a locket of Arianna's hair and two the king's and the other Arianna's murderer's. (She was King John's lover.)

Allison Butler said...

Hi Cassandra,

Edinburgh is fabulous. Princes street - The Royal Mile - The Military Tattoo. Gosh, I want to go back:) I've been as far as Dunrobin Castle, where they had a falconry demonstration, which was awesome, but plan to travel further north. Maybe cruise the Highlands on the back of a motor bike *sigh*. I'd also love to explore the Borders thoroughly, too. Yes, I'm greedy LOL.
Thanks so much for popping in:)

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Dana, thank you! I love Wales and just wish I'd managed to explore more before I moved to Australia!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Allison *waves*!

I've only once been to Scotland when I was a child, and I think that was more a case of just slipping over the border so we could say we'd been there! I would *love* to explore the Highlands, the country is just breathtaking.

Christina Phillips said...

Hey Cassandra, I know that's the trouble with the weather in England and Wales!! You can just never depend on it :-) Glad it didn't spoil your holiday though!

Erin Grace said...

Hi Everyone...sorry I'm late, was setting up the bar....

Is it too early for cocktails??

: )

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Erin, oh I love Celtic folklore fantasy! Time travel is another of my first loves. I used to write about time traveling for my English homework assignments back in the day!!!

Allison Butler said...

Hi Jane,

Your comment came through. YAY!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by:)

Erin Grace said...

Welcome Christina!

You are obviously a woman of excellent

Coming from a Scottish/Irish background I do find myself constantly looking toward Celtic legend for inspiration.

..I'd love to read your old

..And, great answers, Dana & Kelly

: )

Erin Grace said...

Okay...I know I've offered two prizes so far, but I've decided to up the ante and offer one more...

I'm offering a critique of a synopsis...and, yes, I've already had my medication

Allison Butler said...

Hi Christina *waving madly*

Scotland IS breathtaking. You MUST go back and explore:) Oh and Wales is breathtaking, too. We only had 2 nights in Wales, far too short, but I remember climbing to the top of Sugar Loaf viewpoint and then sitting and watching eagles soaring high. Wonderful!

Allison Butler said...

Hi Erin *big waves*

You're adding a critique of a synopsis as another prize? Hmm! Very generous of you:) Maybe whip up a cocktail for yourself LOL.

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Jane and Kelly, welcome to the party! :-)

Christina Phillips said...

Erin, I still have those old assignments!!! hahaha, I'd even written a time travel back to ancient Rome where I was going to be put up on the auction block by this hot Roman!! Unfortunately it ended badly (they all ended badly when I was 14!)

Christina Phillips said...

Allison, I would love to revisit Scotland. I'd love to go back to Wales too. I remember climbing Snowdonia, don't think I could manage to do that again though!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi girls! Waving madly to Christina, Allison and Erin. Hope you have fun blogging - group blogs are da biz!

Erin Grace said...

lol...yes, Alli, a cocktail may be in order very soon....

...I'll be rounding up some swanky men in breeches to start serving shortly...the drinks, that is *wink*

Suzi said...

Loving your snippets about Scotland,and thanks for the great post about yourself and your writing,

Suzi said...

Love the era of your books,
Thanks for letting us know more about you and your writing,

Suzi said...

Never tooo early for cocktails!
Can I join you at the bar?
Sounds great, and thanks for being here to introduce yourself,
Lovely to read more about you and your writing,

Erin Grace said...

Hi Anna and Suzi..

Great to see you here!

OK, girls...breeches, kilts, tunics or togas?

What do you like to see your heroes in? (or out of..he he he)

Cheryl Leigh said...


Your description of Scotland is beautiful and spot on. Magnificent country! I’d love to go back one day as we ran out of time and missed out on the Isle of Skye, which I’d been dying to see for years!


I love stories set in Wales. I wish there were more! We drove from the bottom to the top of Wales in one day, something we’d never be able to do in Oz! I don’t recommend it though. :)


I’m envious of your lace-making skills! Do you find you think up stories or characters while thus occupied?

Have a great day ladies!

Erin Grace said...

Hi Suzi *pats bar chair next to hers*..ooh look, here comes Mr Darcy with a tray of bubbly now...

grr...maybe we should send him out to the pond for a dip...*sigh*

Hey, Cheryl, I do love my lace making, but sadly don't get much time these days. I think many people would be surprised at what a huge role lace played in many times of history. During the English/French trade embargo's lace would be smuggled inside dead bodies...And, yes, sometimes I do come up with ideas for books while I lace : )

Jess Anastasi said...

Hi ladies!
looking fab, just wanted to stop by and say 'hi!' Looks like your launch is going great.

Suzi said...

I know everyone's has been sooo busy with today's three amazing authors, and answering their questions, but I checked how people have answered questions from yesterday.
Seems the international Regency authors are just waking up and dropping by - Good Morning to all of you!
So I'll give you a little more time to test your Regency knowledge and answer my questions before I draw a prize.
Please, feel free to go back to yesterday's post and comment.

Allison Butler said...

Hi Anna *waving madly back*
Gosh, yes, blogging with these wonderful ladies is loads of fun. Whoo-Hoo!!!
Thanks so much for popping in:)

Suzi said...

Thanks for stopping by!
Lovely to see your smiling face here, and hope you come by often as all these lovely authors know so much about their eras and will share fascinating tidbits with us,

Cheryl Leigh said...

*During the English/French trade embargo's lace would be smuggled inside dead bodies*

Fascinating but ewwww! I don't think I want to ask more about that. LOL!

KendallGrey said...

I can vouch for Erin's lace making abilities. She made me a BEAUTIFUL lace bookmark and also a necklace out of wire. They're both fantastic - the necklace detail is unbelievable. It's real lace, but done with wire instead of string/thread/whatever you use to make lace. Ha!

Oh, and did I mention Erin is also an amazing writer? Pft. You already knew that. :-)

Congrats on getting your new site up and running. Best of luck, lovely Aussie ladies!

Christina Phillips said...

Hey Anna, how lovely to see you!! *waves*!

Erin, I would love a cocktail, thank you! And yes, let's encourage Mr D to go for a dip. Honestly, I don't mind what my hero strolls up wearing, tight breeches, billowing shirt or... not as the case might be!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Suzi thanks for dropping by! Lovely to see you :-)

Hey Cheryl! Wow that was some road trip!! We stayed on the Isle of Anglesey for one holiday, that was beautiful... I wanna go back too!!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by!!

OMG Erin. They smuggled lace inside dead bodies?! Gross!

Erin Grace said...

Ok, promised...some hot men in breeches...

Now, many people ask me why do I love writing historical's..

...seriously, whats not to like???


Allison Butler said...

Hi Suzi,

Thanks so much:)
Congratulations on the Great Day 1 launch yesterday. AWESOME! And yes, a huge GOOD MORNING to all the International Regency authors and visitors. It's fabulous to see you all here:)

Kelly Ethan said...

Would love to visit Scotland one day. Mums family originated from there and one side of her fam was welsh. Then there's my dad cornish side ;)

Kelly Ethan

Allison Butler said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thank You! I don't think there's ever enough time when you're visiting Scotland:) And you must go back and conquer Skye. Beautiful!

*During the English/French trade embargo's lace would be smuggled inside dead bodies*
*Fascinating but ewwww! I don't think I want to ask more about that. LOL!

That is fascinating, Erin. Sorry, Cheryl, but I DO want to know more LOL.

Catherine said...

Hi Alli, Erin and Christina,
Thanks for the invitation to the party! Lovely website and nice intro by you all.

Allison - thistle is the national flower of Scotland.

Christina - I don't think you can really beat Russel Crowe in his Gladiator role, but I'd love to see some of those Rugby boys in Warrior mode.

Erin - I'm a tunic for a man kinda girl - preferably falling off!

Hope you have a great launch day :-)

goodev at bigpond dot net dot au

Allison Butler said...

Hi Jess and Kendall,

Super thanks to you both for stopping by:)

Erin Grace said...

Hey Kendall!

So wonderful to see you here...btw, you're Timtams are in the mail *wink*..


Janni Nell said...

Love your profile pic, Alli!

Sandii Manning said...


Lovely site and wonderful blog. Sandii waves to Allison, Christina and Erin and slides on up to the bar looking around for a sword-wielding Celtic bartender.

Gorgeous site. Congratulations.


Joanna Lloyd said...

Another fabulous day of great intro's and prizes. Alli, I love your intro and your topics have always intrigued me and Christina, I am so in love with the covers of your books and the hunky heroes. Erin, I have read most of your books and urge others to read them too.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to answer but at mention of a Synopsis critique by the Synopsis Queen _ yes, you, Erin!! I leapt from the boring depths of work and charged onto the blog.
The answer to Erin's question is Arianna's Box.

Have a great 2nd day of partying.
Jo Duncan xx
w/a Joanne Lloyd (who dropped in yesterday)

Erin Grace said...

Hi Sandii...I'll have him make you a spicy cup of mead....careful though, he tends to get his ladies a tad tipsy....he's a very naughty boy

: D

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Kendall, thanks for stopping by!!

Catherine, Russell Crowe was fabulous in Gladiator! But oh wow, yes I can definitely see the Rugby boys in warrior mode. All that toned muscle!!!

Allison Butler said...

Oh My Goodness, Kelly,

What fabulous blood you have running through your veins:)
You MUST visit Scotland, Wales and England. For your family's sake, of course:) While you're there you might as well pop over to Ireland, too. A word of warning though - make sure you allow a minimum of six weeks. It still won't be enough time and you can't sleep (at all) but it'll be a fantastic start:)

Allison Butler said...

Hi Catherine:)

Lovely to see you here. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the draw:)

Bronwyn said...

Wow, so many comments and it isn't even lunchtime yet! Thanks to every one for the comments and participation!

Yes, Kelly is a book whore. I wanted to say something else witty but the truth will do ;P

and OMG!! Huge thanks to Anna Campbell for stopping by! I never knew Historical romance could be so dark and moving and gritty until I read you!

I wonder, since so many of us blame Stephanie Laurens for our habits, if we can get her to stop by too?

Anyway, now the party is in full swing, pass me something with a tiny umbrella in it and line up a second! =))


Christina Phillips said...

Thanks for popping over, Janni and Sandii!! Lovely to see you both :-)

Hi Jo! Aren't those covers just fabulous? I'm still sooo in love with them!!

Allison Butler said...

Hi Janni,

Aw, you're too sweet. It must have been one of my rare good days LOL.
Thanks so much for popping in:)

Erin Grace said...

Did someone mention tiny umbrella? I have a jug of margaritas and I know how to use

Now...if I can just get William Wallace to cooperate and help me pass them out....*yes, yes, William, I promise you can paint your face blue later...hmm? ok, and yes, you can bare your butt*...noice

OOh look, here comes Spartacus....hmm, and he's brought something on a spear...ergh, somehow I don't think it's a kebab...

Allison Butler said...

Hi Gorgeous, Sandii,

*Sandii slides on up to the bar looking around for a sword-wielding Celtic bartender.

Hey, are you after a drink or a fight??? LOL. It's lovely to see you here. Thanks heaps for stopping by:)

Erin Grace said...

Awww Jo, you make me blush...but I think the little white jacket has you fooled! lol

And, you're more than welcome to enter!


Allison Butler said...

Hi Joanna,

It's lovely to see you here:)Thanks so much for your kind words and for dropping by again today.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! :)

Just stopping in to say hi to Erin and friends! :)


Allison Butler said...

Hi Bronwyn,

Thanks for confirming the truth about Kelly LOL.

Oh, and yes it's fabulous that Anna Campbell popped in to say hi. Having Stephanie Laurens stop in would be fabulous, too:)

I think Erin will happily see to your tiny umbrella order:)

Sheridan Kent said...

Yay! It's Day 2 of our party, great intro's ladies. Erin, could Mr Darcy bring me a Mojito please?

Keep all the answers coming to the giveaways everybody, you still have time to answer the questions from Day 1, we can't wait to thank you for visiting.

Have a great day.

Melissa said...

Congratulations ladies( special wave to Allison) on such an eye-catching and comprehensive blog. All the very, very best for your launch party:)


Erin Grace said...

Hi Jane..lovely to see you here!

No problem, Sheridan...I've got him muddling mint and limes as we speak...

Hmmm..maybe we should sent the boys out to hunt us up something for lunch?

Christina! Any chance you could send out a legion to catch us some to BBQ?

In fact, what did the Romans consider a good snack??


Hi Christina, Allison and Erin. Congrats on a great day. I'll have a spot of the mead thanks Erin.

Kelly Ethan said...

snicker... see told ya I was a book whore..but takes one to know one Bronnie so nahhhh ;)

I would love to visit scotland Allison. Wanted to when I was over in England but then Sept 11 happened and we didn't ;(

And here is a bit of history gossip. Rumour has it that one of mums rellies was hanging with William Wallace. And another on (on welsh side) started Lloyds of London. Interesting rumours ;0


Erin Grace said...

Hey Maggi!

Mead? No packs a punch though....

Did you know, that in the Pride & Prejudice period..they were so prudish, many couldn't even bring themselves to mention the word 'leg' because of its proximity to the groin area (mainly the male area).

'Trousers'also fell into this category and were often referred to as 'The Southern Necessity' lol

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Bronwyn, lovely to see you!! I adore Anna Campbell, and I love her books too!!

Hi Jane!!

Thanks for stopping by, Sheridan and Maggi!

LOL Erin, bare butts indeed!!! As for a tasty snack well my Romans enjoyed feasting on their captive Druids :-)

Erin Grace said...

*As for a tasty snack well my Romans enjoyed feasting on their captive Druids


Christina Phillips said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Melissa!

Wow Kelly you have such an interesting history!!!

Erin, some of the Regency slang is hilarious!!

Christina Phillips said...

Hahaha as soon as I posted that comment I knew *someone* ~cough cough~ would pick up on it!!! I mean it in the most sensual of ways... not the canabalistic one... tee hee!

Erin Grace said...

Hi Melissa...lovely to see you here!

Allison Butler said...

*As for a tasty snack well my Romans enjoyed feasting on their captive Druids

Ahem! Is it getting hot in here??? I feel a sudden need to fan myself LOL.

Bronwyn said...

lol, Alison, I'm glad I'm not the only one who went there from 'As for a tasty snack well my Romans enjoyed feasting on their captive Druids' =D

Erin Grace said...

..*blinks innocently*

I, of course, wouldn't have a clue what you ladies are talking about...


the Virginal Victorian...

Danielle Lisle said...

Woderful post! :)

Allison Butler said...

Hi Jane, thanks for popping in:)

Hey, Sheridan, super congrats for a fab day 1 launch yesterday. Good luck picking a lucky winner for your fab prize:)

Hi Maggi, lovely to see you here. Thanks for stopping by:)

Wow, Kelly. How cool that one of your rellies is rumored to have hung out with William Wallace. Never a dull moment, I bet:)

Anonymous said...

Just dropping in to wish you a successful blog launch day!

Wonderful posts and many 'responses' that have made me laugh.

Tam xx

Allison Butler said...

Hi Lovely, Melissa:)

Great to see you here. Super thanks for your good wishes and for stopping by:)

Allison Butler said...


Great minds think alike:) That is 'great' minds isn't it??? LOL.

Allison Butler said...

*I, of course, wouldn't have a clue what you ladies are talking about...

Ms Virginal Victorian,

I think you could have gotten away with this, but the *blinks innocently* was a little over the top LOL

Angie said...

Christina -- I'll take Eric Bana's Hector, in Troy, any day. Massive yum! :D Not only hot like whoa, but also the only male character in the Iliad on whom I wouldn't take out a restraining order. [wry smile] Hector was an honorable man and a good husband and father; all the other warriors were homicidal psychos or egocentric douchebags or just generally not someone you'd want to even know, much less consider a relationship with. Hector was the only sane man within a thousand miles. All that and hot too! :D


Erin Grace said...

Wow! I though it just got a whole lot warmer in here!

The fabulous Jimmy Thomas just visited, but his comment went to Day 1..


But..He did drop by to say 'Hi...

"Congratulations on your launch! Woo-hoo! :):):)" - Jimmy Thomas...

And, for anyone who doesn't know him, he's my gorgeous hero on the cover of my latest book Love In he's on over 1700 romance covers!!!!!

You can check him, er, his photos out at...

..thanks sooo much for dropping by, Jimmy...


Allison Butler said...

Hi Danielle,

Lovely to see you here:)

Allison Butler said...

Hi Tam,

So happy to see you here:) Super congrats on a fabulous launch yesterday:) Wonder who your lucky prize winners will be.
Thanks so much for your good wishes and all your hard work to get us up and running. Three mighty cheers to you:)

Allison Butler said...

Well, hellooooo Jimmy LOL.

Thanks so much for dropping by to say hello:)

Cathleen Ross said...

I've got a thing for Jimmy Thomas photos at the moment, Christina and I also like the guy who plays Dean in Supernatural. I think he'd look great as a Roman.

Christina Phillips said...

Hahaha, I'm choking on my chocolate covered raisins here! (and no that isn't an euphemism for anything!!!) Speaking of food, I was amazed to discover just how many vegetables and fruit(not to mention herbs and of course wine!) the Romans introduced to Britain. I could have sworn a lot of them were indigenous but apparently not!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Danielle!

Hey Tam, thanks for popping in!

Yay that Jimmy Thomas came to visit! How cool is that :-)

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Angie! Yes, I reckon they casted Eric well as Hector! He does look sizzling in that tunic :-) Great choice, thanks for stopping by!!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Wow, this party is seriously pumping!! Sorry no time to read the 90 comments but wanted to give a shout out to you ladies. Alison, love tale of Scotland but alas haven't ready in awhile; Christina - any excuse to see those hot warrior -- legs *wink*; and Erin - I wish I had the patience and the talent for lace making.

Erin Grace said...

*sits at the bar, stilettos off, sav-blanc in hand...*

..Its been a busy day!

: )

Angie said...

Erin -- hey, you're a lace maker? Not many of us around. :) I haven't done any in ages, but in years past I've tried a bunch of different kinds.

Knitted and crocheted, of course; I've wanted to try Irish crochet, but that seems to be the sort of thing you need a teacher for, because when I try to track rows in photos, my eyes cross. [wry smile]

Some cutwork, including Hardanger. My first Hardanger piece was done on Aida cloth, because I was just that young and dumb. Hint: don't do that. [facepalm] I've tried Richelieu a time or two, just small practice pieces, but that obviously takes a lot of practice. I can never get the buttonhole bars the same thickness as the buttonhole outlines on the fabric.

I've tried some needle lace, too, punto in aria. I have a practice piece I haven't worked on in ages, although it's close to done so I really should. You know what's a perfect work surface? A medium size cardboard oatmeal box; the curve is perfect, and if you clean the box out well, you can keep your project inside it. :) I also tried some needle lace using scrap ribbon as a base -- I forget what that's called, but I saw some pictures in a needlework book. It's actually easier with the solid base to work off of.

Oh, I also tried bobbin lace many years ago. A friend loaned me some bobbins and I made a few bookmarks with number five thread. After I gave them back (and the cookie pillow) I used a sofa bolster for a pillow and got the great idea to get a bunch of those locking plastic thread spools to use as bobbins. Pre-strung! :D And since I'm a total doofus, I ordered them in black, rather than the easier-to-see white. I actually got about four inches of criss-cross leaves (you know, the kind you can also do in embroidery with needle-weaving?) before my eyeballs rebelled and I never tried thagt again, LOL!

I got back into writing in like 2004 or so and haven't done much in the way of needlework since then, but one of these days I'll have to get back to it.


Erin Grace said...

Hey Angie...yes, we are a rare breed.

Wow, you certainly have tried quite a bit!

My first love is bobbin lace, Bedfordshire especially! I have a few cookie pillows, roller pillows, block pillows and a travelling 'roller' pillow...I also enjoy Romanian point, which is a combination of crotchet and needle lace.

The Beds piece I'm working on atm has about 300 bobbins on it!

Hardanger is gorgeous, and I have a friend who is fabulous at tatting, but I don't have the patience for anything I cant undo! lol..

Good to see you back into writing, I don't get much time for lace either, but do a bit when I can!


Erin Grace said...

Hmmm...nice of my blog photo to finally show up! lol....


Allison Butler said...

Hi Eleni,

Thanks so much for stopping by and the shout out:) And seriously, you should rekindle your love for Scottish tales. I'm sure you won't regret it:)

Christina Phillips said...

LOL Cathleen, I was thinking of you when Erin said Jimmy had popped by! And Dean would look awesome as a warrior! Yum!

Christina Phillips said...

Haha Eleni, yes it's all about those warriors' legs... or their knees... or my fave, the sight of well toned biceps and I'm a very happy girl!!!

Iona Jones said...

Hi ladies

Great launch party. Sorry I wasn't here earlier for the cocktails - although I strongly suspect there's still a barely clad, heavily muscled Celtic warrior somewhere behind the bar!

Allison, I love Scotland. My dad comes from a small island off the West Coast called Colonsay (where they all speak Gaelic!) and my mum is from Glasgow. My husband and I have been a couple of times now, but I would love to go back and spend more time! The national flower is, of course, the Scottish Thistle.

Christina, I love the sound of your 'historical romance hot with elements of fantasy or paranormal'. I'm always up for anyone in hot warrior mode, but as I was watching Burlesque just the other day I'm wondering what Cam Gigandet might look like (he certainly looked good in not much at all in that movie!).

And Erin, I can only imagine that lace making is rather difficult. Love the sound of all your different heroes. And to answer your question, the box is Ariana's box - can't wait for Julie Garwood to do another Scottish book and rumor has it there's one on the way!

Congratulations ladies on such a successful launch party and all the very best wishes for the future.


Beverley Eikli said...

Just popped by to say hi! Great line-up, ladies, with some mouth-watering heroes, by the sounds of it. I'm a sucker for the Scottish highlands which is surely where the Scottish thistle hangs out, Allison? When I was 18 my mum and I planned to rent a cottage in the Scottish highlands and write my romance. That's one of the very few things I always regret we never did.

Erin Grace said...

Hi and welcome, Iona!

Yes, we definitely have a hottie or two around here somewhere : )

..and some bubbles icing down in the icebucket *hands glass to Iona*

And, thanks for your answers, you're in the draw!


Christina Phillips said...

Hi Iona, thanks for dropping by the party! I just Googled Cam Gigandet and oh my! *fans self* Yes he would make a very hot warrior, that's for sure! Thank you for adding to my research file!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Beverley, lovely to see you!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazingly busy day you ladies AND GENTLEMEN..... have had. How delightful to have an actual Cover-model drop by and say Hi. :) Hi Back Jimmy.

Recently DH and I went on a 2week tour of UK. There was nothing like it... I so loved every part. And the Highlands of Scotland were like no other. We went up as far as the Isle of Skye... (I've decided I'd move there tomorrow if I could) And although there was no heather in bloom, the highlands, Nevis Mountain Range, valleys and lochs were amazingly beautiful. I found the heather jewelry exquisit.
Edinburgh was simply amazing....
Alison and Erin, there is so much wonderful history tied up in Scotland it is no wonder you love writing about it.
Christina the age of the Roman Empire is one of my favourites as well. Your books sounds very interesting.

Allison Butler said...

Hi Iona,

With your dad from Colonsay and your mum from Glasgow, no wonder you're so nice. You can't help it LOL. There's a Scottish group called RunRig and they sing many of their songs in Gaelic. Beautiful!
Thanks so much for stopping by and best of luck in the draw:)

Allison Butler said...

Hi Beverley,

What a beautiful plan to share with your mum. It must be lovely to have created such a special memory with her. Thanks so much for popping in and good luck in the draw:)

Allison Butler said...

Hi Maryde,

Yes, it's been amazingly busy and loads of fun to boot:) Oh, so pleased you had the chance to visit Bonnie Scotland. It's a breathtakingly beautiful country and it has such a turbulent history. Thanks so much for stopping by:)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Maryde! :-)

Danielle said...

Hey All! The Scottish Thistle is the national flower. Definitely a kilt. The mystery alone of to wear or not to wear underneath is enough to keep me intrigued! As for which man...up until about a year ago I would have agreed about Russell Crowe. But my taste in men is fickle and I have a new love now. I think it might help that he is from Australia (right Erin?) LOL. He is the actor who plays Thor. And he is so hot. Just looking at him has me "aching" in all the right spots! :D LOL. Great job and it looks wonderful. As for Jimmy Thomas...he is so good looking! I remember when he sent me a message as to why I wanted to friend request him. My response was...because you are hot? LOL.

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Danielle! Ooh yes, Chris Hemsworth!!! I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm definitely getting it on DVD (all this research is really hard work, but hey someone has to do it!!!) And yes, about the kilts *ahem* again, we need this information for research purposes, right?!

Allison Butler said...

Hi Danielle,

Love a man in a kilt *sigh*
Yes, Christina. Definitely need this valuable information for research purposes*cough*cough*wink*
Thanks for popping in and good luck in the draw:)

Helen said...

Love the sound of all these books Ladies

the answer is Thistle

I would love to see Hugh Jackman in warrior mode that would make my day LOL


I so love Julie Garwoods historicals and have read them all but for the life of me I can't think f it at the moment.

Have Fun

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Helen! Oh I so agree about Hugh Jackman - he would make a perfect warrior, not only is he hot but he is such a gorgeous guy altogether!!!

Allison Butler said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks so much for popping in and best of luck in the draw:)

Cathryn Hein said...

Congratulations on a wonderful launch, ladies. The site looks fantastic.

As for who I'd love to see in hot warrior mode... it'd have to be super sexpot Clive Owen. Loved him all Romanised in King Arthur. Also can't help thinking I'd be turned more than a little bit gooey by Matthew MacFadyen. Deep, deep sigh. That man has the loveliest eyes.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

With all this talk about the famous Scottish KILT, (aren't the paterns and colours beautiful and extensive?) may I add a short note of interest on what a 'little 'ol aussie gal' learnt about the kilt whilst in Scotland? :)
*The original story was that a man wore nothing beneath the kilt, (obviously one of the reasons there is about 9 yards in one adult kilt :) ) but the law now is that dancers MUST wear underpants or briefs under them.

We were entertained and saw many scottish dancer/dances during our 5day stay and YES... sadly thry did have on black/dark undergarments.
On a brighter note though, I did pay the piper on many occassions. So my luck should be good for the next 50years or so. lol

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Cathryn! Oh! My darling Clive Owen!!! Yes he makes a fantabulously hot warrior and was the best thing about that movie :-)Got to agree about Matthew's eyes but Clive does it for me every time!!!

Christina Phillips said...

LOL, Mary! The law is a right spoilsport :-) Hope it didn't interfere with your fun!!!

Allison Butler said...

Hi All,

On behalf of Christina, Erin and I, Super Thanks to everyone for popping in and making Day 2 of our Historical Hearts Blog launch Brilliant:)

A post announcing all the winners from each launch day will be up on the blog by week's end, so please drop in and see if you're one of the lucky prize winners.
If you are, please remember to include your email address in the comment section so we can contact you and find out where to send your lovely prize.

Thanks again and Good Luck:)