Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Historical Hearts Launch Party - Day 3

Welcome to the Historical Hearts and the seventeenth century world of me, award winning writer Alison Stuart.

Roundheads and cavaliers, heroes in bucket boots, lace collars and broad-brimmed hats? My passion for the English Civil War began in childhood and spills into my writing world. The ripples from this short, violent period of English History are still felt into today's democratic parliaments and I love nothing more than sharing this passion with my readers. I just wish I could convince more publishers of its worth as a rich source of romance and conflict.

Fortunately my two published English Civil War novels, THE KING'S MAN and the award winning BY THE SWORD are available in digital and print form at all reputable online sources. See my website for details of my writing. While the English Civil War is my passion, I love all periods of history and as I am currently working on a Regency and a World War One set novel, my blogs could be on any subject!

To celebrate the launch of Historical Hearts, I am offering a critique of the first 3 chapters of a historical novel (can be any period). Just enter the Comments section below and provide me with an alternative ending to the first sentence of my novel THE KING’S MAN. It begins “Thamsine Granville had not begun the day with the intention of killing Oliver Cromwell, but.........................”

The most outrageous answer will win but everyone who enters my contest will receive a prize of an ebook of THE KINGS MAN.

Looking forward to sharing history with you!

Good Luck!

Welcome to the Historical Hearts launch party!

I’m Dana Scully. I write historical romances set around the tenth century in Wales. I’m currently unpublished, but that will change. As an unpubbed (and even once I am pubbed—LOL), I’ll be blogging inspirational pieces. Little somethings to keep you going on your own personal journey—whether it be in writing, reading, or life in general. Yes, my blogs will be writing related, but you’ll be able to take the main point and apply it to your own life and hopefully receive a bit of a boost from it too!

To get the ball rolling, I’d like to hear what inspires you. Is it the end of a good romance—that ahhhh happily ever after moment, is it hearing a feel good story on the nightly news, or perhaps a walk in the woods, or playing with your children...? What makes you feel good about you, about life, about the world in which we live?

I have a beautiful carved Welsh love spoon to give away to one of you wonderful bloggers. (I’ll be writing more about these tokens of love and affection in a few weeks...) So get blogging!

What inspires you? I hope to chat with you soon!

Good Luck!

Hello and Welcome to our new Historical Blog site, where we hope you shall visit whenever the mood to enjoy fun and interesting things from our past takes your fancy. Or just come and cruise through the authors' works to see what's new with our books and writings.

My name is Mary deHaas and I am a devoted romance writer, who is currently unpublished. If it takes place in a drafty old castle, in the dry desert sands or upon the wild open seas, as long as a story spans the tyranny of time and conjures up the past, then it's the genre of history that I love to write about the most. I am also an artist--who paints pretty much all the above as well. I have a saying: "stay still long enough; I will paint you".

I have many favorite time-periods and thanks to my characters, I get to venture wherever I wish with each new story I write. My current WIP is a ST (single title) set off the Ivory Coast, during the 1850's. Allow me to share a little of my imagination with you through my love of art and my passion for writing.

I have a lovely hand-painted porcelain coaster and gum-leaf bookmark to give-away for a lucky person who knows where the *Ivory Coast* refers to in the history books.

Good luck!

Note: For your chance to win today's prizes, when answering the trivia questions or replying, please leave your name, email address and what draw you'd like to enter. Of course, you are more than welcome to enter all prize draws up for grabs. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

The Ivory Coast is between Liberia and Ghana in Africa. Can't wait to read more! (And see your paintings!)

“Thamsine Granville had not begun the day with the intention of killing Oliver Cromwell, but the more she heard him speak, the more she wanted him dead.”


nikkicuz said...

Hi Dana
I find music really inspires me with a new song moving me to consider the present and past songs taking me back in time and space to remember what has brought me here.
Also a bit of eye candy helps too ;)
Loving the blog and as a historical virgin i am looking forward to learning more about the genre

Anonymous said...

You inspire me! Now the scene fades to black.......LOL :-)

Dana said...

Nikkicuz! Great to see you here! We love historical virgins--LOL!

Music is an amazing inspirational tool. And you're so right it really can transport you to a distant time and place...great for any historical writer--or writer in general!

If eye-candy is what you're after...well, then our resident eye-candy guru, Erin Grace, is a friend for you! Subscribe to the blog because she posts some of the most scrumptious men you'll ever see!!!

Again, great to see you here!

Dana said...

Anonymous...whom I think is my darling husband...

Thank you. But truly YOU are MY inspiration.

If anyone is interested, the hero in my first manuscript is loosely based on my darling hubby. When it gets published, you'll fall in love with him an historical romance reader kind of way--LOL!

Cassandra Samuels said...

I think the story of the Welsh love spoons is just fascinating Dana. I can't wait to hear more about them. We can all use inspiration from time to time. I listen to music when I write - usually to drown out the lawn mowers and kids screaming (not because of lawn mowers)down the hall.

Mary you are such a clever talented woman. Those bookmarks are just lovely. I have a hard enough time concentrating on one period of time let alone all the ones you described.

Alison the English Civil War is so fascinating. Cromwell such an intense character in history. It will be so much fun hearing more about this time.

Have a great day girls.

Cheryl Leigh said...

Alison, I've always loved your opening line. It's such a great hook! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's answers.

Dana, giving spoons as tokens of love and affection? Sounds fascinating and I can't wait to hear more.

Mary, you talented lady! Painting is so relaxing, isn't it? Do you use oil paints or acrylic?

Enjoy your blogging day, ladies!

Bronwyn said...

Great start, ladies!

Alison, I'll have to give that one some thought! Daggers and wicked smiles comes to mind but the rest of my body isn't ready to catch up just yet.

Maryde, those colours are so striking!

Dana, do you use the spoon for anything oor is it purely to look pretty? I love it!

Have a good blog day! I'll be back later to see if we got Stephanie Laurens to drop by...


Alison Stuart said...

Hi everyone! I have been looking forward to joining the party today. It has been great fun so far.

Dana...great start. I love it! We are here all week so if inspiration strikes over the next few days just come on over and jot your thoughts down.


Anonymous said...

Morning Anonymous,
welcome and thank-you for posting. Whilst I love painting I must admit to being a poor photographer. I go for the nuts-n-bolts of a picture only and add my own creative touch with my imagination and paint-brush. I am currently rephotographing my artworks and hope to have them on my Blog-site for people to enjoy (and buy ... lol)
Morning Dana, and if you are correct with first Anonymous' identity, what a lovely compliment to pass on to your DH.
Mind, I think you are a lovely lady yourself... so he is lucky as well!

Nikki Logan said...

Hey Dana - beautiful places inspire me. Grand views, a hushed forest, a laughing stream. I like to sit in them and be very very silent *or* to sing in all that silence. I try to find a pitch in the natural sounds and then sing something in that pitch or a harmonic.

There's something about harmonsing with nature that's just very...healthy!

(Just noticed my captcha word is 'candedu' which sounds vaguely Welsh, don't you think?)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cassandra and Cheryl, one thing I have found is how much I relate to the characters personally and their place in time through my art. Often one will bounce off the other. I shall be painting and I can see a character at that place or wearing that gown, the same as my writing will easily conjure up a visual of a place that is screaming to be painted.
Only downside is having to share time between the two. LOL.

Cheryl I am a lover of oils first and Soft Pastles a very close second. Probably because the rules between the two are close for me--I can always add the light later. Which is not so the rule for Watercolour and porcelain, where you must leave your light.
As for acrylics, I occassionally dabble in this medium for fun, but have produced a few artworks that I like.

Dana said...

LOL Music is a good way to drown out lawn mowers and screaming kids...and of course, to get inspiration from! I like to use my head phones when the lawn mowers or the kids are going and I'm at the writing helps just that little bit more--LOL!

marilyn said...

Hi Ladies, Nice to meet you all.
For Alison: "Thamsine Granville had not begun the day with the intention of killing Oliver Cromwell but, hey, accidents happen, right?"
For Dana: Travelling to new places inspires me. Hopefully my trip to Turkey which begins next week will do just that.
For Maryde:The Ivory Coast was in Africa, an area bordered by modern-day Liberia, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ghana and the Gulf of Guinea. Love your artwork.
Have a great day!

Dana said...

Yes! Who'd have thought...'spoons as love tokens'--LOL! It's a fascinating tradition.

Dana said...

Originally the spoon was a 'useful' token, but that has wained--understandably--LOL! Now, they are solely for decoration...and of course as mementoes of love.

Dana said...

You're pretty awesome yourself!

Dana said...

That's truly beautiful! Harmonizing with me tingles thinking about it! And yes, soooooo very healthy! Gotta love that!

Dana said...

I love that your paintings give birth to 'creative visions' for your writing! I guess you could say that you really do SEE your characters. Awesome!

Dana said...

Oh, yes! Travel...and to Turkey! I've always wanted to go there...and Morocco too! I hope you have a truly inspirational trip! Stay safe...and when you come back, pop in and tell us about your trip!

Cassandra Samuels said...


I have read that many writers are great walkers - spending that quiet time to clear the mind and or problem solve.

I imagine Harmonizing with nature would be similar. I can just see the CD now. Nikki sings harmonies of the rainforest, Nikki sings harmonies of the waterfall. I reckon Yoga junkies would really go for it. LOL.

Dana said...

Cassie and Nikki,
I'd buy the CD!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Often darker tones are the feature for many Paranormal books these days and I love so many of the soul stirring designs, but I also love creating works in colours of the landscae native to the country I am interested in.
When we visited Venice a few years ago I was blown away with the vibrant colours of the houses and buildings on the Fishermen's Islands. Instantly I was drawn to simplicity of a group of 3 storied buildings, ajoined together and each one a different colour to the next. So striking.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you here Marilyn,
I bet you are so excited about your up-coming trip? :) I have heard many lovely things about Turkey, a country steeped in history of the ancients.
For me, Turkey also conjures up a romantic and mystical past. Only from pictures and postcards have I developed a love for their amazing architecture and culture. My DD and DS visited the ancient town of Ephesus and I hear it is as wonderful and rich in history as is Pompeii. I hope you have a wonderful time there!
Thank-you for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison.
Dana you are right, it is easy for me to get lost in characters head with wild visions. :)
When I do paint a scene from the landscape, I find myself wondering what that same spot would have been like several hundred/thousand years ago. Especially ancient lands like Rome, UK, Egypt.
Thank goodness for stories of the dream-time that bring to life our own lands' vast herritage.

Anonymous said...

Me too Dana...Are you preparing a CD while we speak Nikki? Love soothing music.

Christina Phillips said...

A great start to day 3 of the party!!

Alison I agree, there's so much rich history to choose from and I for one love reading about unusual and obscure time frames!

Dana, I love those Welsh love spoons. I have a pair that were passed down to me from my mother so they must be...eek... pretty old now!!

Mary, your art work is gorgeous! How wonderful that you can paint the scenes you see in your mind, as well as write about them.

Alison Stuart said...

Mary...I would love to be able to paint. The more I travel this great country, the more inspired I am, but I am afraid the painting talent died with my grandmother.

It is also about having the time to sit and paint and I am afraid holidays with "Action Man" barely allow me time to draw breath, let alone anything else!

Stephanie Laurens said...

Hi, ladies - what a cool site! I just hit the send button on my latest manuscript to send it winging on its way, then saw Alison's email. More power to you all - it's wonderful to see so many periods of history, and different locales, being showcased here.

In terms of the Australian Hist Rom scene, I've just been told by my Australian publisher that my latest is going to list at #5 on the SMH Fiction list - so there are plenty of Australian historical romance readers out there! Hopefully the news will get out and they'll find this site!

Happy launch week!

Stephanie Laurens.

Dana said...


How lovely that you have a pair of love spoons!

My great grandmother left me one...I didn't know what it was...only that it meant a lot to me because it was hers.

Then one fateful day a good friend (thank you Cassie!!!) brought me another love spoon after she visited Wales and the rest is...history! LOL

Dana said...

Awesome, Stephanie! Congratulations on sending out your latest--can't wait to read it!

And another round of congrats on your latest hitting #5! Is that Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue?


Alison Stuart said...

Thank you for calling in, Stephanie. We are so fortunate to have your support :-)

Roseanne said...

What a gorgeous site. What inspires me? Where to start. Waking up a dawn and listening to birds chirping outside my bedroom window always makes me smile. Going for early morning walks in Karawatha forest and seeing sunshine through cobwebs that are threaded between tree branches. Just gorgeous. So much inspiration in every day life. It's a shame so many people are in a rush that they don't take the time to appreciate it. ciao Roseanne

Bronwyn said...

Woohoo!! Thanks for dropping by Stephanie! I just finished my interlude with the handsome Viscount Breckenridge and I can't wait for the next installent. I really want to know who the dastardly (well motivated) villain will turn out to be =)

Cassandra, I've only just started walking and doing it with a 4yr old doesn't give you much peace! My special thinking / relaxing place is the bath. I can always untwist the plot knots in there (and it's the only place to read a book in my madhouse).

(just so excited that the queen of regency dropped by =))

Anonymous said...

Australia's favourite Historical Author(I'm sure I read that somewhere) How great to have Stephanie Laurens stop by. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. :))
I for one, fell in love with your works when I found my first Cynster novel. May I say the rest was *history* ....

Dana said...


Wow! From your comment I can see the forest with the light glittering through the trees and the cobwebs covered in dew! You're right to many of us don't stop to see the beauty around us.

Note to self: Stop and smell the roses!

Dana said...

You make me laugh! But it's true, isn't a busy house about the only place for quiet 'inspiration' is the bathroom...sadly though once I became a mother I must have signed a waiver removing all rights to quiet moments in that particular room--LOL!

Anonymous said...

Bronwyn, what is it about a bath and a book (and for those who love a glass of .... rejuvinating liquid?)

Dana, is there a tale/legend or history behind the Welsh Love spoons? Another part I love about the UK is the fascinating myths and legends.

Dana said...


Yes! There is a rich history behind the giving of love spoons and I'll be writing about that on Monday, 24th October, so mark you calendar!

And yes again--LOL--the UK is full of fascinating myths and legends. I'm looking forward to all the tidbits and topics Historical Hearts bloggers will discuss in the coming months!

Eleni Konstantine said...

You girls are still rocking - your feet will be sore by the end of the week!

Alison, I would the think the Civil war would be a fascinating time to write and read about. Actually all history is fascinating, and it really is about the story in a novel isn't it.

Dana!! I get inspritation from all around me - from places like the beach, to art, to people - people like yourself who are always giving. I love the twist in the soon handle.

Mary, an Ivory Coast (African) story would be amazing. And check out those colourful bookmarks. So vibrant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roseanne,
I am afraid I had to google Karawatha Forest to see where it was exactly. Surprise, with relatives nearby in Redland Bay looks like a visit is now on the list when next DH and I take off in discovery of this big land. :))
How beautiful Roseanne to have that in your back yard. Surely an artists' paradise.

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, this blog is going so strong. Great to see so many wonderful historical writers here today. Waving big time to the wonderful Alison Stuart. Actually one of my favorite books ever (although I haven't read it in years), RIDER ON THE WHITE HORSE by Rosemary Sutcliffe, is set in the English Civil War. Fabulous stuff! As you say, wonderful opportunity for conflict and passion. Another great novel set then is Nicola Cornick's RITA nominated LORD GREVILLE'S CAPTIVE. Wonderful story!

I wish you and your blog a wonderful future!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eleni,
Still dancing :)) ...and yes I am madly working on my MS set off the Ivory Coast.

Alison Stuart said...

Hi Anna , thank you for calling in to say hello. Rider of the White Horse remains one of my all time favourites (I have 2 copies!). I have been in love with Sir Thomas Fairfax ever since and he's been the subject of a couple of my Hoydens blogs.
Nicola Cornick is a frequent guest over at Hoydens too. She may mostly write Regency but she enjoys dipping her toes into the 17th century. The more the merrier I say!

Anna Campbell said...

Alison, I read Rider of the White Horse years ago from Brisbane City Council Library in the city (wonder if they've still got it). They also had the Flowers of Adonis which I remember loving as well. Such a great writer was Rosemary S!

Suzi said...

Wonderful to read about the different eras and settings for your books.
Thanks so much for sharing yourselves, and your historical knowledge, on this fantastic blog.

Cassandra Samuels said...

How great is it that Anna Campbell and Stephanie Laurens popped in to say Hi.

I owe a lot to Stephanie as she was the one who suggested I join RWA. It was years and years ago now but I've never looked back.

Congratulations on your #5 rating Stephanie!!

Dana said...


Great to see you here...again! thank you!!

What fabulous inspirations...I like how you mention people as inspirations--there are so many seemingly 'anonymous' inspirational people around, aren't there...the average everyday people that share their beauty without consciously thinking about it.

Dana said...

Wow! Anna Campbell visited our blog! I'm so excited! (Alison, you keep good company!)

Thank you for your warm wishes!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Dana! Thank you for the warm welcome! I think setting this up is a GREAT idea!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Stephanie, just saw you with your SMH news - huge congratulations! Cassandra, isn't RWA great? I wouldn't be published without them. I learned so much when I joined (and met some very nice people).

Dana said...

I have to agree Anna...RWA is great and full of so many fabulous people!

Anonymous said...

Wow... while I was out Anna Campbell paid us a visit. Another 'Australian Historical Romance Darling" (am I allowed to say that?) Thanks for the wishes. I Love all your stories Anna.

'Rider of the White Horse'...hmmm sounds like another book to add to the TBR pile. Thanks Alison and Anna :))
And I ditto what you said Dana. RWA is a great place to find your feet and inspiration.

Allison Butler said...

WOW! HH launch day 3 is really rocking. Well done, ladies:)

Alison, the English Civil War period must be a fascinating period to write and read about. I know I LOVED reading THE KING'S MAN. One particular, emotional scene has stayed with me. It's where...:) Looking forward to learning more about this short and violent time.

Dana, inspiration is such a magical, necessary thing. There are so many things I draw inspiration from. People inspire me Big Time:)Sometimes I don't even realise I've been inspired until later. Maybe I'm just slow LOL. Can't wait to know more about the gorgeous Welsh Love Spoons:)

Mary, I love how the different colours and landscapes inspire your work. Gosh, you paint and write. A double dose of clever:)

Have a fabulous day!

Alison Stuart said...

Dana, Anna Campbell and I dragged my long suffering DH around the Battle of Newbury...she is secretly a 17th century passionista at heart!

Mary...ROTWH is pitched as a Young Adult book but it isn't really. The relationship between Tom and his wife has far greater depth than the average YA. While we're on the subject of inspiration, Rosemary Sutcliff was one (if not THE one) of those inspirational writers who influenced me hugely growing up.

Anna Campbell said...

Goodness, this is turning into a love-in! Thank you so much, Mary!

Oh, man, Alison, you brought back memories when you mentioned that day around Newbury! Do you remember that gorgeous half-timbered inn where we had lunch? Like something out of a movie.

Alison Stuart said...

Thanks for your comments about The King's Man, other Allison! If it's the place where... then it reduced me to tears while I was writing it. Always a good sign! If your writing doesn't move you then it won't move your reader.

Dana said...

Inspiration is sneaky like that...sometimes it slips up on us unawares!

Joanna Lloyd said...

Another wonderful blog day brimming with great information about the eras you ladies cover. Alison, your books sound so exciting and I love the sound of The King's Man. My brain is too mushy to mess with your amazing first sentence...grabbed me with just those few words..well done.

Fascinated by your Welsh love spoons Dana..10th century Wales..great time to spin a yarn!

Such beautiful artwork, Mary. I actually have one of your bookmarks and its even better in real life :-). Good luck for the rest of the day.


Serena Tatti Story Editor said...

Great site, ladies! Mega congrats!!

Alison said...

I'm late to the party... Juts wanted to congratulate all you talented ladies. Looks like you have a winner.

Am a huge history buff from way back. Have had many different fads over the years - Plantagenet fad, Celtic fad, King Arthur fad, Viking fad, Richard 111 fad etc etc :)

Alison - One of my earliest memories is of my father reading us The Children of the New Forest at bedtime. Me quietly sobbing when he read about Aunt Judith dying. It's a vivid memory. I must have been about 5 or 6 years old.

All the best,

Cheryl Leigh said...

Stephanie and Anna, lovely to see you here! Thanks so much for dropping by!

Congratulations, Stephanie, on hitting #5 on the SMH fiction list. Whoohoo! I'm really looking forward to reading this book.

So Anna is *secretly a 17th century passionista at heart*?? Ooh, lots of dark heroes to explore there. :)

Anonymous said...

Dana, What inspires me is actually surrounding myself with romance... so reading romance +++ (gee, what a hardship), seeing a romantic DVD and enjoying lovely music - even seeing lovers sneaking a kiss makes me go aaaaaah.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you pop in Allison Joanna and Serena.
Allison, I don't think it's about being slow... wash your mouth out :)... there are a lot of people who go through their whole life with blinkers on. Think of it as sometimes the trigger to recall and use the inspiration isn't set off until it is required.

I hope you are using it Joanna. Mine are well used, (I kinda collect bookmarks...crazy I know :) ) and some are well over 10 yrs, sO they should pass the time test. Plus they are something of a keepsake, and we all know what they say about artists ...... Being original artwork Imagine what they will be worth when I am gone.. LOL

Alison, I went and found out a bit about Roesmary Sutcliff. I gathered her novels were aimed for a younger audience. Don't remember her novels as a teen. I'll still check them out, Thanks.

Dana said...

Yes, 10th C Wales is a fantastic time to write about! (At least I think so--LOL).

Dana said...


You're not late to the party!

Glad to see you here...I'm sure one of us will help feed your current 'history fad'--LOL!

Dana said...

Aw! Surrounding yourself with romance is a sure fire way to be inspired. I think I might purloin your inspiration the next time a writer's block hits me...watching a romantic DVD or sitting in the park watching people hold hands.
Awesome! Thank you!

Alison Stuart said...

Welcome to the party, Joanne, other Alison, Malvina and Serena. We're having a great time!

Alison...Children of the New Forest is a classic YA novel. It's interesting how many children's books featured the Civil War. I am collecting all my favorites and enjoying rereading them.

Joanne, I hope you enjoy TKM. It had the singular Honour of "going to film" in last years Arts Nation segment. A bit toe curling but fun. If you haven't seen it the link is on my website.


Helen said...

Waving Hi To Alison I do so love your stories

"but it was one of those days " I am not a writer LOL


I am sure you will be published soon and lucky for us readers more great books to read. What inspires me playing with my grandchildren and reading a great romance I love the adventures and the ups and downs along the way to a HEA who could want more.


I have not travelled very much at all but i do love the fact that authors can take me to other countries and back in time and into the future so as I feel that I have travelled and with a romance there is a HEA to go with it. As for The Ivory Coast is it off the coast of Africa I know I have read stories with it in LOL.

Congrats Ladies on a great blog I am really enjoying it

Have Fun

Dana said...

Thanks for stopping in! What a lovely photo of your grandkids! With gorgeous ones around like them it would be easy to be inspired!

Dana said...





Alison Stuart said...




Neely Lyon said...

Congratulations, all of you. What a great kick off!

Kelly Ethan said...

Missed yesterday due to chronic twin exhaustion ;) will promise to do better today!!

Kelly Ethan

Alison B. said...

Helen, thank you for your lovely comments. I really hope I will have some new books out in the not too distant future!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, what a great turn out for day three! Congrats ladies on your wonderful blog posts and prizes. Good luck to all who entered.
Tam xx

Dana said...

Great to see you here! Thanks for popping in!

Dana said...

No worries! Thanks for taking time out of your busy/hectic schedule to say 'Hi!'

Dana said...

Wow! You wonderful ladies sure made it difficult to chose a winner! So I took the easy way out and put all the participant's names in a bowl and drew one out!

ROSEANNE! I'll be sending out a beautiful hand carved love spoon to you today!

To those who didn't win this one: Don't worry! October 24th I'll be writing about these lovely tokens of affection and giving out another hand carved beauty! So, be sure to check it out!

To all who commented on what inspires them: Thank you! Your words and thoughts inspired me...after two days I'm still thinking about each of your inspirations and drawing a bit of inspiration from them for myself!


Catch you in October!!!

Alison Stuart said...


MARILYN (who doesn't have a hyper link) are the winner of my contest - a 3 chapter critique of your manuscript. Email me at . I'm looking forward to reading it.

And for everyone else who commented today...You can download a free copy of THE KING'S MAN from . Just quote Coupon #WF49U . It is valid until 15 October

Anonymous said...

Whew, what a great week we have had here at the opening of our Blog. Thanks so much to those who made comments and stopped by to say hi. :)

As to my question:
**Côte d'Ivoire** how beautiful the name sounds...
The Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (French for Ivory Coast) is a country in West Africa, which borders the countries Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana; its southern boundary is along the Gulf of Guinea. (thank you to Wikipedia)

3 people had the correct answer.
Congratulations to Anonymous, Marilyn and Eleni. In keeping with new beginnings I'd like to send a Handpainted Coaster and Painted-Gumleaf to each of you.
Anonymous (M / F please :) ) and Marilyn please contact me at:
with your snail-mail details
and Elini I shall contact you at yours :)
Have a great week-end everyone.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Thank you so much, Mary!! :)) That's wonderful.