Thursday, September 15, 2011

Historical Hearts Launch Party - Day 4

Dear Reader

I am so glad you have found your way to our Historical Hearts Blog. I’m Annie Seaton and I love all things historical. I write Steampunk romance.

I live on the beautiful east coast of Australia, where I spend most of the day sitting in my writing chair, gazing at the ocean and dreaming up stories. I have found my niche writing steampunk, where strong heroines and brooding heroes fight together to make their alternative world a better place.

I have recently signed with Lyrical Press, and I am looking forward to seeing my first novella, Winter of the Passion Flower released in March 2012. I am currently working on my second steampunk project, Summer of the Moon Flower, a novel length follow up.

Steampunk? What is steampunk you ask? Sounds slightly steamy?

Steampunk as a literary genre began to gain popularity in the 1980s. It began as a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy, and developed as a rebellious response to the science fiction that preceded it. Steampunk includes the core elements of

· Steam power

· Alternate history settings (mostly Victorian/Edwardian era England, and sometimes the wild, wild west)

· SF/Fantasy elements

· Devices that reflect the period but are ahead of their time. For example, difference engines, airships, and all sorts of clockwork and steam powered devices

I will let you peek at a directional perambulator, a device in my upcoming steampunk novella (March 2012) as an example.

“Steam lift,” Indigo spoke loudly above the humming. “Precision movement defined by the cogs. The perambulator ascends, descends and moves sideways if needed." 

Steampunk is warm, sassy, and larger than life. The new direction is now steampunk + romance and a major appeal is the historical setting, and a steampunk author can use familiar settings and times.

Steampunk romance has the potential to offer something familiar, yet different. Authors can stretch their creative wings. Sassy heroines can stretch the limits of Victorian dress codes...

Her signature red bustier topped an emerald green skirt embossed with the symbols of industry flowing around her ankles, neither satisfying air safety dress regulation for dirigible travel. 

Both excerpts from Winter of the Passion Flower – Annie Seaton (Lyrical Press March 2012)

So welcome to our blog, come along and say hello. I have some beautiful postcards and elegant pens for the person who can list three steampunk romance novels in a comment below!

Enjoy our launch week, come back and visit again.
Good Luck!

Hello everyone. My name is Cassandra Samuels and I love everything Regency. The clothes, the manners, the people, the history, the entertainments, the clothes, the furniture, the music – did I mention the clothes? I think you get the picture and he looks a lot like Colin Firth. Hmmm I’ll let you think on that for a moment....

Right, onward! I am currently unpublished and writing – you guessed it – Regency Historical Romance. I love dashing Dukes, masterful Marquis’, enigmatic Earls and virile Viscounts – I mean who doesn’t? I love to write strong sassy ladies who give my heroes an adventure in love they never expected all with a touch of humor.

I will be blogging - Cassie’s Regency Tidbits. There will be interesting people of the period, historical trivia and other interesting things. My first blog will be about the language of the fan. It seems amazing that so much could be conveyed simply by placing your fan in a particular way. I hope you will enjoy my Regency tidbits’ and will let me know what you want to know about the Regency Period.

What do you like about the Regency era? As an incentive to creative answers there is a small prize up for grabs, an “I love Darcy” key ring all the way from the Jane Austen Tea House in Bath.

Good Luck!

G-day all! I'm Danielle Lisle. The girls of Historical Hearts have asked that I introduce myself. My first thought was to shake your hand, but the limits of cyberspace make it rather difficult. Instead, I’ll have to give you a hot and steamy mental image of what I read and love to write. Surely that will imprint me in your memory? Well, let’s see... 

Men is skirts. In know it’s not all that sexy (well, perhaps it is if you swing that way) but stick with me and think of a Scottish warrior with a deep, thick accent (Gerard Butler *moan*) with bulging muscles, softly furred chest, his long, bulging and deliciously thick .... sword and eyes that could slay a woman’s soul. Oh yes, I have your attention. Now, this man in a skirt IS sexy!

Every writer writes for a different reason. I write stories of love, desire and passion, for a simple reason – I want to live it! Yep, I want to be that heroine, the damsel in distress who is saved by the hunky (and yes, sometimes damaged too) hero. I want him to whisk me away, cave man tactics and all, exposing me to the deep and dark passion of his soul. *sigh* Name me a woman who doesn’t want that?

You can likely gauge from my thought process in writing the above, that I write ‘naughty’ historical romances. Yep, I like it hot and there is nothing hotter than some hot and heavy passion leading the way to everlasting love.

I love reading all types historical’s as well. It’s not always romance, though granted most times it is. I find the path our ancestors have travelled to get the world to where it is today, remarkably fascinating. It is therefore my goal to have my stories as detailed and accurate as possible. Well, settings and events are at least. Everything else is totally my imagination. *cheeky grin*
Come on a whirlwind ride with me as I travel the strange and distant lands of our past and meet some very hunky men along the way.

Win Me!!!
Tell me what gets your blood flowing in the books you read. What is it about the hero or heroine that makes you refuse to put the book down regardless of the time of night? What is it that makes you say ‘to hell!’ with the pile of dishes in the sink or the dirty washing vying for your attention? All comments will go in the draw to win a copy of Judith Ivory’s, Angel in a Red Dress.

Good Luck!

Welcome to our Historical Hearts Blog. Hi I’m Elle Fynllay, one of your tour guides as we take the magical journey back through the mists of time. We’ll be passing back through Victorian time , stopping for a quite extensive view of the Regency period, back, back through the time of Cavaliers and Roundheads, deeper and deeper in to the mists to Medieval period and even deeper to the Time of the Romans and Druids.

My period is a medieval time where Kings, Lairds and heroes lusted for land, love and glory and their women lusted for…their alpha males, of course. My first novel “Siege of the Heart” is an alliance between an Anglo-Saxon Laird’s daughter and the Norman knight that brings his wealth and strength to the marriage but can the castle survive the turmoil between its fiery Lady and the Norman knight who has staked his wealth on a betrothal and can they both survive the treachery within the castle. There is more than one way to win a castle; through siege, battle or treachery. Who will win? Who will survive?

Back to modern times: The deeper we go in time the less we have evidence of the period. From the Medieval period we have manuscripts and a few drawings to refer to. In Regency, we often hear accounts of the plethora of ancestral paintings on the wall. Well Reader, look around you. How much of your history is on display? In this day and age of digital display there is little “Hard Copy“, that is, actual paintings or photographs of family that we can put our hands on. I have three silver finish photo frames, that will hold a 5’’x7” (13x18cm) photograph to give away to a reader who comments on their favourite time period and why.

Good Luck!

Note: For your chance to win today's prizes, when answering the trivia questions or replying, please leave your name, email address and what draw you'd like to enter. Of course, you are more than welcome to enter all prize draws up for grabs. Good Luck!


Kelly Ethan said...

Hi all.
The twins are down but not asleep. Although there is no screaming so I have some computer time ;)

Have to say I loooove steampunk. Just read:

The girl in the steel corset (LOVED IT!)

The Iron duke by Meljean Brooks.

Corsets and al great anthology.

As to what gets my blood screaming from the twins will just about do it for me ;) Writing wise I love a strong voice. Love dominant women and alpha men no matter the time period.Give me humour or sarcasm ;) mixed with heated romance and I will collapse onto mny chair and read with delight. In between poopy nappies, feed time and screaming boys ;)

Kelly Ethan

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

Hello ladies!!!!! What a fantastic blog! and I have got to say Gerard Butler in a skirt....OH MY GOD, yes!I am a new convert!!!or is that pervert???? Congrats on a fantastic new blog.

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Karlene!
Gerry is so divine, *swoon* and is always the hero of my heart in every highlander story I read/write. Glad it made your day. *wink*
Danielle. :)

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

I'm with Karly on Gerard, yup yup!
Great blog ladies!

Annie Seaton said...

Hi Karly
Glad to be of service and give you a smile!

Danielle Lisle said...

He is mighty fine. *wink*
Danielle :)

Annie Seaton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie Seaton said...

Thanks Kelly.
So pleased to find a fellow steampunk lover.
Everyone who answers the questions will win some postcards and I will put all the names in a draw for the lovely pens!
You should love my steampunk novella, it has Indigo, a dominant heroine, gorgeous alpha Zane, lots of humour and sassy sarcasm and steamy heat. Your twins will be older in March when it is released and you should (hopefully) have a little more time to read!

Annie Seaton said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Elle Fynllay said...

Kelly, one day those gorgeous twins will grow into masterful young men. Trouble is you have to get past the
"What's in the pantry?" stage. Hope you find time for yourself today. Thanks for taking time to visit us.

Cassandra Samuels said...

Hi Everyone

Who loves the Regency Period? What is it about this time period that appeals to you? Which is your favourite Jane Austen adaptation?

I'd love to hear what you think.

Anonymous said...

*Waving* to all the HH ladies blogging on day 4! Great posts and prizes, wish I could enter!! Have a great day and good luck to all who visit and go into the draw to win.
Tam xx

Cheryl Leigh said...

Yay, another Colin Firth fan! Adored him in P&P. And he gets even better with age! Cassandra, I love fans and I'm looking forward to your post on them.

Annie, steampunk must be such fun to write!

Danielle, men in skirts! Oh yeah!! Love the photo of GB. He always looks so cheeky!

Elle, (photographer extraordinaire who did such a great job at the RWAust conference), I love medievals. Your book sounds wonderful!

Have a great day girls!

Alison Stuart said...

I've known you girls on (and off line) for a while now but I'm really enjoying your intros!

Annie: Thank you for the Steampunk 101 intro. It fascinates me (I think it's the clothes!).

Cass: REgency isn't generally my period (that isn't stopping me writing a Regency at the moment though and I am loving it! Personally I think it's the have never looked better ;-)

Danielle: OK Gerald Butler in a kilt...swoon. I love wounded heroes - men with a past that has hurt them and heroines who can mend the hurt :-)

Elle: Mists of Avalon and the Mary Stewart Arthur series are books I will read and reread forever. Such a fun period to play with because it affords so many possibilities.

Enjoy your day!


Hi Annie. Steampunk is fascinating, with its blend of science fiction, fact and fantasy plus romance in a historical setting. What more could you wish for?
Regency is my favourite, Cassandra, perhaps because I was introduced to Austen and Heyer at an early age. I love how characters have to deal with the rules and restrictions of the period.
Thank you for Gerard Butler in a skirt, Danielle. Such superb eye candy has brightened my morning.

Kelly Ethan said...

LOL Annie. I read when I feed them. One hand holding bottle the other holding the book. Snicker...where there is a will there is a way ;)

Elle. Forget the eating me out of house and home I'd just be happy to get past the poop up the back stage ;)

Kelly Ethan

Christina Phillips said...

Annie I haven't read any steampunk romances yet, but I have several on my wish list :-)

Cassandra, I love Colin Firth especially in a wet shirt! I'm really looking forward to your post on the language of fans. Sounds fascinating!

Hi Danielle, what's not to love about a hot guy in a skirt!! Gerard Butler models the look perfectly (not that I'm biased. Much...)

Elle, I love Saxon/Norman romances and read heaps of them as a young teen. Then again I'm partial to sizzling hot warriors so no surprises there!!

Annie Seaton said...

Enjoy them Kelly. They grow up way too quickly. My baby will be thirty next month!

Elle Fynllay said...

Thanks Cheryl for your comments on the photography. I have the awards ready to upload to You tube and just deciding on the music for the Gala Dinner. The musical director(teenage son) and I are having are having differences of opinion on the music. He's walking around gagging when I mention " Love is in the Air" - will continue to work on it. Happy for any suggestions, any one?

Cassandra Samuels said...

Hi Cheryl

Yes for me Colin will always be Mr Darcy. Although some attempts have been made he is still the original and the best in my opinion.

I hope you will like my blog on the language of the fan. I hope others will find it as fascinating as I do.

Cassandra Samuels said...

Thanks for dropping by Alison.

I love writing about the Regency so I am very happy you are enjoying it too, even if it isn't your normal time period.

I totally agree that the men of the Regency certainly do look gorgeous.

Cassandra Samuels said...

Hi Maggi

I must say that Austen was my first love but Heyer has something that is hard to resist. Actually, my mother has just given me some more of her books but they are set outside the Regency so I am hoping I will love them just as much anyway.

Cassandra Samuels said...

Christina - who doesn't love Colin in a wet shirt? Ha ha.

I love the scene in Lost in Austen where the heroine asks her Mr Darcy to get into the fountain with just his shirt and breeches on so he can re-enact the scene from the BBC version for her. He looks so impressed by her request too - not!

marilyn said...

Hi Ladies. Wow, what a cross-section of writing interests/eras/styles you all are. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.
Annie, thanks for the explanation of Steampunk - fascinating.
Cassandra, Regency Tidbits sounds like a bit of fun.
Danielle, gotta love a photo of G.B. in (or out of)a kilt.
Elle,have read some time-travels back to medieval times which I greatly enjoyed.
Enjoy the day all!

Cassandra Samuels said...

Hi Marilyn

I hope everyone thinks my Regency Tidbits will be lost of fun too.

I love time-travel stories too Elle - best of both worlds.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Ladies,
Just spent a bit of time checking your blog out. Wonderful... As for Gerald Butler, he made me smile as well.
Time travel stories are unreal. I read one that Nora Roberts wrote, and it hooked me and kept me there. Creating different worlds would be such fun.

All the best,


Kelly Ethan said...

I grew up inhaling Heyer's books. Had the whole collection. Not sure if mum got rid of them or not will have to check it out ;)

And that scene in Lost In Austen with the shirt and the fountain...yummmo.

Dana said...

Looking forward to the March release of your book! I love Steampunk!

Dana said...

You make Regency fun! Love your writing! Looking forward to your blog about the language of the fan!

Dana said...

I'm with you...I want to live it too! It being a life full of desire and passion!

Dana said...

To kinda quote a scene from Jerry McGuire..."You had me at 'medieval'!"

Annie Seaton said...

Hey gals
We made the headlines of The Daily Steampunk!

Annie Seaton said...

Hi Cheryl
Yes Steampunk is an absolute blast to write. I love it..

Annie Seaton said...

Re Steampunk 101-my pleasure. It amazes me the number of people who have never heard of it!

Annie Seaton said...

Marilyn, Christina and Dana

I hope you enjoy my steampunk novella when it is published!

Annie Seaton said...

Marilyn, Christina and Dana

I hope you enjoy my steampunk novella when it is published!

Cassandra Samuels said...

For all those who were wondering what scene I was talking about from Lost in Austen - check this out.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hi Annie, love your steampunk peek. I have read Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and the first two Gail Carriger book - Soulless and Changeless (wickedly funny).

I have some on my TBR pile.

Cassandra, I enjoy reading about the Regency era - all those social unspoken cues - like the fan - can't to read your post.

Danielle - you have a fan for life - Gerard Butler in a kilt. Sigh.

Elle - I am drawn to all time periods really - a good story is a good story. Love your book blurb.

Again more fun from you HH gals.

Elle Fynllay said...

Hi Dana,
Would love to check out your medieval stories one day. Hopefully we will "cross swords" next year on the Gold Coast

Elle Fynllay said...

And Dana..
We must compare growing up on idyllic farms one day. I wonder if the fairies that lived under my "snowball" tree are related to your fairies. :)

Annie Seaton said...

I loved the Nora Roberts one as well. From memory the hero was called Jacob Hornblower???

Annie Seaton said...

I agree...Gail Carriger rocks! Her books are beautifully written , in the style of P.G. Wodehouse

Joanna Lloyd said...

Another fantastic blog with great insights into your writing. Could never get a handle on steampunk Annie but your explanation and fab excerpts have opened that door..must read some. I'm with you Cass...Colin Firth in a wet shirt..sigh..good luck with your writing. And I'm soo fickle...Gerard Butler can kneel holding his sword in front of me anytime, Danielle. Love medieval tales and yours sound wonderful Elle. Thanks for sharing with us.

Annie Seaton said...

Hi Joanna
Start with Gail Carriger.. her books are an absolute hoot...don't read them in public.. you will laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Evening ladies,
finally got a chance to stop by.

Annie, your story sounds great... can't wait for it. I am very intrigued by the world of steampunk. You gave an excellent introduction and explaination for those not at all familiar with it :)
I love the steamier versions as well as the classical ones.

***And NO Karlene.... looking and liking Gerald Butler in a kilt does not make you a *perve.* Completely normal I'd say. LOL.

Hi Cassandra ... knowing that women used their fans to flirt I can't wait to read the story/history behind them.
A gift from Bath... how wonderful Cassandra for some lucky winner :)

Danielle what a way to start the day... by setting everyones heart palpatating ... Love that picture.

Hi Elle, you can't go too far back in history for me. I love every stage, period and era.
The picture frames look goergeous.

Annie Seaton said...

Hi Mary
Thanks for visiting. I am happy you enjoyed our blogs.

Helen said...


I have yet to read a steampunk story although I have heard very good things about them congrats on your story I loved the excerpt I must try this genre

The regency era is one of my favourite types of romance I have lots of them and read many over the years. For me it is the balls and the house parties and of course The Rakes and the way they are bought to their knees by the wonderful heroines. I love getting lost in these stories.


Oh I too love the historical stories that take me on wild passionate travels around the world with tall dark and handsome men who woo their heroines and the heroines that help the scarred hero find love.


I love any romance although I have to say that historical (regency) would be my favourite I have been reading them for such a long time and I never tire of them there is always lots of adventure but I also love medieval set in the Scottish Highlands men in kilts with big swords love them

Have Fun

Suzi said...

Another fantastic day here!
Loved hearing about all the genres and eras you write in.
And all those prizes are gorgeous.

Elle Fynllay said...

We have had a lovely day talking to all our visitors. Thanks to all who stopped by and don't forget we have one more day to meet the rest of the fabulous writers from Historical Hearts

Sheridan Kent said...

Evening everybody! Day four of our party and I've had to take my dancing shoes off so I can last until tomorrow night.

Can't wait for tomorrow! Great job today ladies.

Thanks Danielle for introducing the sexy Scottish lairds via Gerard Butler. Yum, yum!

Annie Seaton said...

Thanks Sheridan.. it has been a wonderful day

Kat Sheridan said...

OK, it's going to take me a minute to formulate any answers, since the mentioning both Colin Firth AND Gerard Butler in the same blog sort of short-circuited a few brain cells. Thinking...drooling...ahem. OK. I'm good. Just pass a hankie and I'll be fine.

Annie, you had me at “steampunk”. I’m currently working on my own steampunk romance and love the genre. As for naming three, I’ll go with Gail Carriger’s “Soulless”, “The Iron Duke by Meljean Brooks, and “Miss Bramble and the Leviathon” by Kristin Painter.

Cassandra, I also love Regency. So often those romances are comedies of manners, and I love the way the feisty heroines dodge around the social strictures of the time to find their true hero.

Danielle. You had to include a picture of Gerard? My synapses are still popping and sizzling. What gets my blood flowing is an alpha hero. Big, maybe a bit damaged, protective, and fierce. Oh my.

Elle, I pretty much love all time periods in romance, although I confess that at the moment I’m a Victorian girl. It was a period of such change: the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, when women were marching in the streets for suffrage, and when the roles of heroine and hero were being redefined into something more equal. Then again, I’m still sort of drooling over that whole “men in skirts” thing…

Best of luck to all of you, and this blog looks like it’s going to be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm have so much fun reading all your posts and getting to know everyone. Elle, this answer is for you. I love medieval (13th-century) Italy (did a PhD on it). I adore Regencies and my almosy done WIP is a Regency. But I have a serious fascination with the Roaring 20's and I'm thinking of setting my next book there. So 1920's gets my vote--Chicago, San Francisco, and/or England.

Kelly Ethan said...

Ditto for me. Love Carriger. Do you know she's writing a YA in the same series. Based on an Academy of girls. Teaching them to be spies *I think lol*

Sounds great to me.


Annie Seaton said...

I will look forward to your steampunk. Good luck with it!

Annie Seaton said...

I can't wait to read Gail Carriger's new series. Her wiring is hilarious.
I will always remember the classic line .. it was that time of the month and they were grumpy ( she was referring to the werewolves near full moon!)

Allison Butler said...

Phew! Finally made it.
Happy HH launch day 4:)

Congratulations on your sale to Lyrical Press. How exciting! Thanks for sharing those fabulous excerpts. Steampunk sounds like loads of fun:)

I think you might LOVE Regency clothes:) I love the sound of the stories you write. A touch of humor is a big PLUS for me:)

Men in skirts? YUM! Gerard Butler in a skirt? Double YUM! Best of luck writing your 'naughty' historicals:)

Waving madly to another medieval writer. Whoo-Hoo!!! 'Siege of the Heart' sounds fabulous:)

Have fun, ladies:)

Cassandra Samuels said...


Thanks for coming by - Roaring 20s sounds wonderful. I'd love to read something in that time period. I say go for it!

Cassandra Samuels said...


How did you guess that I love the clothes? LOL.

Of course there is so much more to the Regency than the clothes. I'm hoping to bring you some of those things in future blogs.

I love witty banter and clever humour in my Regencies and I think some of it has rubbed off. Humour is so subjective that what one person finds funny another does not, so it is a fine line we tread. I do love the challenge though.

Anonymous said...

Cassandra, I love nothing more than everything Regency. Mention Mr Darcy and I swoon. :) I can't wait to read your blog on the language of the fan.

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Alison Stuart!
I feel much the same. I adore how love can overcome all!

Danielle Lisle said...

My plesure! He is eye candy and more! Grrrr!

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Christina!
LOL! Biased and proud of it, i bet!

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Marilyn!
GB out a a kilt.... hmm, nice image. *wink*

Danielle Lisle said...

Glad a could make you smile. Well, Gerry did it, but i'll take the credit. *wink*

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Dana!
I know, right! Desire and passion are what it's all about. :P

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Eleni!
Thanks! I'm bloging on the 19th again, so pop back in then. *wink*

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Joanna!
Same here! He is one mighty fine scot. Hubba, Hubba!

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Maryde!
I was happy to have it as my wallpaper (laptop, not walls... sadly) until hubby grumbled. Now i have a pic of my son. Oh, well. *wink*

Danielle Lisle said...

*sigh* You seem like me, a true dreamer and lover of romance. We should have coffee sometime. *wink*

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Sheridan!
You are more than welcome! I lots more coming, so be sure to check back for future posts. :)

Danielle Lisle said...

Couldn't help myself, sorry. NOT! LOL! I love me a man who's damaged too. *wink* Gota love the man who can change.

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi Alli B!
Yum is an understatement, huh? *wink*

Cassandra Samuels said...

Hi everyone

Thank you so much for participating in our launch party. You made it a wonderful experience.

My winner for the week is Joanna Lloyd. Congratulations Joanna. You can contact me on with your snail mail address and your I love Mr Darcy keyring will be on it's way.

Danielle Lisle said...

Hi All!
We have a winner for my give-a-way! Yey! *drum roll....* and the winner is, Kelly Ethan!

Congrats Kelly! Pop me an email at Danielle (at) DanielleLisle (dot) com and I will post your book out to you.

Danielle XXOO