Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Historical Hearts Good News

Congratulations go to the following HH authors
for their FANTASTIC news to kick of our
Good News Posts for 2012!!!

Bronwyn Stuart has signed her FIRST writing contract
with Carina Press for her Regency historical romance
'Scandal's Mistress'
to be released before the end of the year.
Congratulations Bron, we're all so happy for you
and can't wait to read 'Scandal's Mistress'.

To wet your appetite here is the blurb for Scandal's Mistress:

Love. It’s the cruelest mistress of all. When you have it, it hurts. When you lose it, it nearly kills you. But what if he doesn’t believe in it and she doesn’t want it…

Italian opera singer, Carmalina Belluccini, has been alone with her bad luck and morbid thoughts for too long. When a man who is no angel offers her an affare, dignity and desire start to battle within her. She is no courtesan and certainly not mistress material, only, when her beautiful voice fails she finds herself in a position too difficult to refuse Justin Trentham’s protection. But what is he hiding and why is he so desperate to create the scandal of the season?

Danielle Lisle has signed her second publishing contract with
erotic Regency historical
'The Virgin at Goodrich Hall'
2nd story in 'The Rogues of Deception' series.
We'll keep you posted on the release date!
To wet your appetite here is the blurb for 'The Virgin at Goodrich Hall':
The rumour of a place housing mindless pleasure is too much temptation for this young maiden to ignore. Lady Margaret knew her father would choose her a suitor soon, but how could she find passion with a man twice her age? With the fear she would never experience anything with her husband other than her duty of providing him an heir, she set out for Goodrich Hall, a whispered about mystery of the ton. Propriety and good sense be damned, she would not die without experiencing the pleasure a real man could offer!
As soon as the young maiden entered the Hall, Victor knew he would have her. Her masked face and barely there silks, which clung to her body with a lust of their own, sent a rush a need through his body. It was not until she melted against him later, her passion fully stated, did he realise he might have taken on more than he first thought. He needed to her, regardless of if she wanted him or not.
Such wonderful news. Congratulations again
and keep the good news coming, ladies.


Alison Stuart said...

Congratulations to Bronwyn and Danielle. Great news to start the year!

Connie said...

Oh, I must have both of these books! What amazing authors these ladies are. Do keep your anxious readers up on when we can expect them to be released. Thanks so much for sharing!

Allison Butler said...

Super Congratulations Bronwyn and Danielle. I'm so thrilled for you both:)