Monday, March 26, 2012

Events in March

As this month MARCHed on I realised there were many events that occur which we can identify with.
I searched out a few, but you may know others!


So where did this saying come from?
Well ... first we have to venture back into history (my favourite place) to the times of the Romans, where the ides simply meant the 15th day of four months of the Roman calendar- March, May, July and October!
"That is not so bad." I hear you say.
Then why does it have a sinister ring to it?
Because in 44 B.C. on  March 15 the Roman General, Julius Caesar was brutally stabbed to death by a group of conspirators in the Roman Senate.
Apparently a seer had foreseen that Caesar would be harmed no later than the Ides of March. So on the way to the Theater of Pompey (where the grizzly act took place) Caesar met the seer and joked, "The ides of March have come."
To which the seer replied, "Ay, Caesar, but not gone."

ST PATRICK is one of Ireland's patron saints, who died on March 17th around the year 493. He worked tirelessly as a missionary in Ireland. There are many events and traditions held here in Australia to mark the anniversary of his death as well as remember the Irish settlements in Australia's early history.

The Irish were among the first Europeans to settle here. And although many arrived in the late 1700's as convicts, there were more than 300,000 Irish settlers who migrated to Australia between 1840-1914 as (non convicts) free settlers.                                                   
About 30% of Australians are believed to have some Irish ancestry today. I know my mother's family are from Irish descent. Their family name was McKeirnan.
One way of preserving Irish traditions and customs in Australia is to celebrate St Patrick's Day each year.
According to Legend, Saint Patrick used the Shamrock, a three leafed plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish People. 
For more info:

Managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Harmony Day is the promotion of tolerance and a celebration of cultural diversity in Australia.
Begun in 1999, it coincides with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and offers an opportunity for everyone to come together.
There are many organised activities in major cities, towns and schools, where communities can share and enjoy dance, food, parades and festivities.
In 2011 alone there were over 6,500 events registered for Harmony Day.  The colour chosen for Harmony Day is Orange, and Australians everywhere are encouraged to wear something orange to show their support for the cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia.
For more information of events in your area you can visit :

Last but NOT least - My Wedding Anniversary - 1st March .
We chose the first day in March mostly because it was a Saturday, and it would be dead easy to remember.Well one would think so.... and I know exactly what you are thinking. But you're wrong! For it is I who forgot once. So never let it be said we women remember ALL dates ALL the time. Occasionally I am reminded of this one time digression. But that's OK!


Are there any dates that are special to you in March?


Anonymous said...

Great post, Mary.

I love March too, as my oldest boy was born on the 4th.

Happy anniversary!
Tam x

Danielle Lisle said...

My son was also born in March, but the 5th.
I never knew about the 'Ides of March' but found myself going 'ahhh' as i read.
Thanks for the post! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Tam and Danielle,
Thanks for dropping by. Well you two do have something in common and only a day apart. :)

Danielle, I also wasn't too sure of the Ides of March saying, although I did know it was ancient and spooky, superstitious. So I enjoyed checking that out.
I too like it when I learn something new.
P.S. I tried to study the Roman Calendar, but it was far too complicated for me :)

Cassandra Samuels said...

Isn't it amazing when you find out things you didn't know you didn't know.

My mother was born on March 15th (Ides of March) I wonder if she knows she was born on such a historic and tragic day.

Happy Wedding anniversary!

Allison Butler said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby for the 1st, Mary:)
Thanks for the fabulous post. I wonder if Caesar truly believed he was out of danger. I also wonder how he felt at the seer's ominous reply - shudder.
My birthday's in March:) Almost a fool LOL.

Catherine said...

Hello Maryde,
I too am a wedding anniversary forgetter! My dh remembers all our anniversaries and has reminders in his phone, diary, etc. I always tell myself I'll remember and then the day skips by. *hangs head in shame*

Nice post,

Catherine said...

Hi Maryde,
I too am an anniversary forgetter - so you are not alone :)


Cheryl Leigh said...

Lovely post. :) Happy anniversary, Mary! My parents' anniversary was 12th March.

Anonymous said...

I must say - thanks Ladies, it seems I am in Great company in my forgetful Bliss!

But I remind DH that it is not the once (or twice ) that matters it is that we are still together regardless. After all- he forgets the garbage occasionally :)

Cheryl it was my parents Wedding month as well. :)

Alison, it seems the cockiness of men was Caesar's downfall. Alas too many men (and some women) in power, are often flawed with that infliction. :)

I too find it interesting when we find out something in history coincides with a small part of our life. :)