Monday, October 1, 2012

Edinburgh Scotland - by Joanne Boog

For many years the dream of visiting this great city had been a deeply held passion. But once there I was amazed how all the books I’d read about Edinburgh - its magnificent buildings and history - came flooding back and had me visiting all the places I longed to see.
Who can forget the scenes in the Outlander series created by Diana Gabaldon about Jamie and Claire! Images of the printing shop, the pubs and even the brothel come alive while walking down the streets and ducking into the allies on either side. Let alone Holyrood palace (House). Since coming home and reading Stephanie Laurens, The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae I can picture the buildings and the streets without difficulty. 

The streets and buildings are grey but to me they do not appear dirty. Some see the city as a grubby and forever stormy place. But not I. The stone remains this colour on purpose, a reminder of the cities once industrial atmosphere. Attempts have been made to clean the stones but that would change the character of the city. So it remains dark and heavy grey, like storm clouds on the horizon. It’s a magical place that takes you back in time to remind you that there are ancient things in this wonderful world.

The Royal Mile threw characters and events in my way as I walked up and down this thoroughfare. The castle at one end and the beauty of Holyrood palace at the other was spectacular. I stopped and listened to musicians play the bagpipes, others busking on the sidewalks who immersed everyone within hearing of the old songs on Scotland. The best was just outside the fore court of the castle. Rob - a history teacher by trade - dressed in the traditional plaid and wild skins that the people of William Wallace’s time would have worn. But more than that he WAS William Wallace. Standing in front of a small crowd he would tell of all the events that had had shaped the iconic legends life. I could have talked and listened to him for hours.

It is no wonder that many authors and poets found inspiration in these streets. I certainly did and hope that some of the things that I have written may be greatly remembered by others who come to this marvellous city.
This was but a snap shot of what I saw, heard and learnt while in the great city of Edinburgh.

Joanne Boog


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Loved seeing your photos and hearing about Edinburgh. And Rob is swoonworthy,
Suzi Love

Cheryl Leigh said...

Lovely post and photos, Joanne.

LOL, OUTLANDER inspired me to travel to Scotland too. I loved reminiscing along with you. Thanks. :)

Allison Butler said...

Hi Joanne,

Great post! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos and wonderful memories.
I loved Edinburgh. I think I walked the streets in jaw-gaping awe:) A truly fabulous city.

Anonymous said...

Joanne, a wealth of interesting information.
I learnt things here I did not know. We only had 2 days in Edinburgh. no where near enough. I want to go back and find all these places you've mentioned. Again thanks for sharing :)
Wonderful Post