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Friday, November 13, 2015

Historical Hearts Christmas Blog Hop - #historicalheartsbloghop #giveaway

Join roving Regency correspondent, Letitia Wellbeloved of The Ladies Magazine, as she tours the grand (but fictional) homes of our own Historical Hearts. Letitia will be sharing gossip, Christmas traditions of the great houses and favourite Christmas recipes with her readers. There will be a Rafflecopter contest (see below) with TWO $45 Amazon Vouchers to be won! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 23, 2015

New Cover for my Victorian novel, To Gain What's Lost

This story is very close to my heart as it was the first historical I wrote back in 1997 when I was at home with my small children. The characters Anna, Matt and Brenton, whom had been in my head for years, suddenly demanded to be written or I should say typed. I had an electric typewriter I used to work on my family genealogy, and one day I put a clean white piece of paper into the machine and started to reveal their story(and thankfully six months later I got my first computer!). It took me two years to write and it turned out to be a huge piece of work - over 150,000 words - too big!
Over the next few years I edited it, gave it different titles, put it through a critique group, and tried to sell it to agents. The novel was published twice by two small publishers, both went out of business, then it was published by Black Opal Books a few years ago, but I asked for my rights back and now I'm re-publishing it wit a new cover and hopefully a new audience. It's time for this story to shine properly.

She thinks her life has changed for the better, her dark secrets hidden, but little does she know…

The daughter of a wealthy landowner in Yorkshire, England in 1864, Anna Thornton leads a privileged life. But she is not content. She wants her life to mean something and longs to be accepted for the free-thinking, independent woman she is. When the dashing, adventurer Matt Cowan sweeps her off her feet, she thinks she has finally met her soul mate. However, he’s not the man she thinks he is. After he sails for South America, leaving her behind in England, Anna discovers she’s pregnant. Heartbroken she flees her family home, determined to keep her child’s illegitimacy a secret. 

He has a few dark secrets of his own…

Brandon O’Mara is a strong, independent man who wants to make his own way without relying on his father’s wealth. He comes to Anna’s new home looking for work and convinces the reluctant woman to hire him. But Anna's wary of men, of love, and treats him as nothing more than the penniless labourer she believes him to be. Then, just when Anna seems to feel she is getting on with her new life, and Brandon believes he is breaking down her barriers, the past rears up to confront them and their future hangs in the balance.  

Available on Kindle at Amazon.
USA and UK and all Amazon countries.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

We all need another hero... Meet Jonathan Thornton

I love all my heroes... but Jonathan Thornton, the hero of BY THE SWORD, was my first love and we were together for a long time before BY THE SWORD was published. (You can read the story of how I came to write BY THE SWORD HERE).

I think in my mind I always pictured him as a sort of angsty loner. If he had been a contemporary hero he would dress in leathers and ride a dark motor bike... however he exists in the seventeenth century so he dons his battered and beloved wide brimmed hat and rides off on his handsome grey horse... leaving a trail of disaster in his wake!

I am writing the third book in the GUARDIANS OF THE CROWN series at the moment and it is fun revisiting him, as an older and more settled man. Watch out for EXILES' RETURN in December!

I thought it would be fun to do a "Character Interview" with my tall, dark, handsome and brooding hero of BY THE SWORD... 

Interview with Sir Jonathan Thornton Bt. at Seven Ways Hall, Worcestershire, May 1660

JT: Are we on?

AS: Let me adjust that microphone…going live…  Sir Jonathan Thornton, welcome. It’s 1660 and London is buzzing with the news that the King is to be restored to the throne. As a loyal supporter of the royalist cause how do you feel about that?

JT : Well, delighted, of course. It’s been a hard time for those of us who remained loyal to the King.

AS: In what way?

JT: Our estates have been subject to heavy fines and the continual threat of sequestration. As an outlaw, had I inherited Seven Ways on my grandfather’s death, the entire estate would have been forfeit.

AS: But didn’t your grandfather find a solution to that problem?

JT: He did. The old fox left it to my young cousin, Tom Ashley, but even the Ashley family’s parliamentary connections couldn’t entirely prevent the privations of the last few years. Of course, my marriage to his mother didn’t help much either.

AS: There were those of us who were surprised at your decision to settle down with Kate. You had, how can I put it, a wild youth?

JT: I can’t deny that I was the cause of my parent’s despair on more than one occasion. My mother , god rest her, never recovered from that troop of Parliamentary horse trampling her garden and ruining her orchard. Of course I look back now and regret that I never really made peace with my parents before they died.

AS: Any other regrets?

JT: Of course I have regrets. I’ve always had a tendency to act with my heart rather than my head and people I care about have got hurt in the process, badly hurt. Thank heavens for the wisdom of age and the love of a good woman to knock some sense into me.

AS: I presume you are talking about Kate?

JT: Of course.

AS: And how did you meet Kate?

JT: It was back in 1650... when I first saw her working in the garden at Seven Ways. I’ll never forget it. She wore an old, shabby gown and a battered straw hat. I thought I’d never seen a woman look quite so lovely. At the time I had a price on my head and no intention of falling in love. That’s what I mean about my heart ruling the head. Talk about a doomed relationship.

AS: But you managed to overcome the problems?

JT: We did, but our happiness came at a price. If you have a little time to spare, let me tell you the story….

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