Tuesday, January 17, 2012


While visiting York Castle Museum in England, I took some photos of Regency and Victorian costumes for research purpose, although I don't write Regency, my friends do, and I thought they would like to have the photos too.
So here are a few snaps.



Cassandra Samuels said...

Love it - thanks Anne

Allison Butler said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful costume photos, Anne:)

Anonymous said...

I know they would have been cumbersome, hot and probably inconvenient at times, but I still think the gowns of the period are lovely and very feminine.

Wearing these heavy many layered gowns seems understandable in the colder climates, bit I can imagine how uncomfortable the women were, who had too wear these garments in the hotter climes: like Australia and India uncomfortable it must have been.
Thanks Anne.