Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Historical Hearts Good News

Another great week on the Historical Hearts blog.
Join us in congratulating the following members on their excellent news.

Annie Seaton is now offering her services as an editor.
So if you have a ms you wish her to edit for
publication  and / or submission
please visit her website here for further details.

Alison Stuart has signed a contract for her novel
'Gather the Bones'
Available soon from Lyrical Press.
Alison calls it her 'Downton Abbey with Ghosts' story.
Sounds terrific and we can't wait to see the cover.
Congratulations, Alison!!

Anne Brear (Whitfield)
Is celebrating the release and beautiful cover love
for two of her historical novels.
'A Noble Place'
'The Gentle Wind's Caress'
These covers are just divine and I can't wait to read them both.
(further details below)

Australian Historical Available February 2012

Australia 1850.  Phillippa Noble, strong minded, spirited and adventurous, urges and encourages her parents and her twin to emigrate to the distant land of Australia to begin again. In a new country they can put their tainted past behind them, and Pippa can forget the unrequited love she felt for a distant cousin. Pippa blossoms in the new country and is determined that their horse stud will be the finest in the land. However, circumstances ensure that not all is golden. For every success, she has to bear up under the challenges of bushfire, death, the return of an old love and danger on the goldfields. Her strength is tested as she tries to find the right path to happiness, but it is the near loss of her dearest friend that makes her realise true contentment rests within her grasp and she must not let it go.

English Historical Saga Available June 2012
More details of this story coming soon...

Maggi Andersen has signed a contract to write
a three book series for Knox Robinson Publishing.

The series working title is: 'The Spies of Mayfair'
Book One: 'A Baron in her Bed' - Available Sept 2012
Book Two: 'Taming a Gentleman Spy' - Release date tba
Book Three: title & release date tba
Congratulations Maggi!! Amazing News!!

Congratulations again ladies
and keep the good news coming!


Danielle Lisle said...

Well done all! Soooo proud of you!

Erin Grace said...

Woo Hoo! Great news, everyone!!!

Suzi said...

Congratulations to everyone,
So proud of all of you,

Allison Butler said...

Congratulations, Ladies! Brilliant news:)

Anne Brear/Anne Whitfield said...

Thanks so much for your warm wishes!!

Alison Stuart said...

Thank you to all my HH friends for the warm wishes. I am thrilled GATHER THE BONES has found a home. I am in the throes of coming up with another tag line but "Downton Abbey with ghosts" seems to do it for me. Set in 1923 it looks at the effect of war on individuals. parallelling the mysterious disappearance of a woman in 1812. Can't wait to see the cover :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ladies!
Just fantastic!!!
Tam x

Anonymous said...

All this wonderful news. Well done ladies.